Flash.ON Nails - Review

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Flash.ON Nails is the newest and hippest kid on the block when it comes to nail design. Hailing from East London they fill the gap in the market where others missed out, not only do they offer you ANY design you want - even your own face, you can have the design printed straight onto your natural nail with their Flash.ON nail machine!

Being miles away from where anything cool happens (i.e not in London) I tried out some custom falsies! Now to be fair, I'm not the biggest fan of false nails - I religiously have my nails done at my local salon and won't let anyone else touch them - except for the odd polish change myself. However since I could have anything in the world and in the name of research I thought why not?

I picked out a leopard print design...everyone loves an animal print right? I don't think I could face my own face on my nails...but each to their own! One of the first things that drew me to Flash.ON was the funky packaging, and sleek website design (I admit i'm a sucker for nice packaging)

You get a pack of 20 nails, nail glue and a top coat. It's super simple, you just select your nail size, pop a little glue on your nail - stick the nail on....wait for 5 second and finish with 2 top coats!

I thought I'd get a little creative and do an accent nail, so I had to file the tip down slightly to fit in with the rest of nail and this was really easy and the design didn't lift off!

On a side note - the glue pen, it's one of those fiddly ones where you have cut the top off, I guess to stop it drying out but clumsy me got it all down my finger, and nobody like granny glue hands!! Top tip if this happens - use an emery board to file the glue off, comes off a dream.

So here is the result:

Not bad huh? I think it goes well with my Spring coral colour I'm sporting at the moment.

To do my 2 accent nails it literally took me less than 2 minutes, and afterwards I was tidying up and what not and nothing moved! You could literally put these things on in the taxi on the way to a party and turn up with a perfect manicure!

The price of this set was £15*, but prices start from just £7.95. This set will do me twice, my accent nails and a full set. Maybe I should suggest they just print accent nails? (If you're reading this - take note! )

Overall I LOVE this product, it's a cool brand and ideas of things I wanted printed are already running through my head. I think I'll keep these handy for using in taxis from now on - these things should be in vending machines for emergencies they are so quick and easy to use.

And you know the best thing...they do parties, corporate events. If I ever get married....I'll hire one out! The possibilities are endless, I think you can really have a lot of fun with this!

Topshop loved this product as much as I did and invited them spend a month in their flagship store in London, but don't worry if you missed out you can still purchase them online at-  Flashonnails.com

What do you think? Have you tried Flash.ON nails?

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  1. I have to say it would be quite amusing to have nails with your own photo on it!