Bubbles - Dr. Fish Foot Spa Malta *Special Offer*

Saturday 27 August 2011

As I've already done Fish Pedicure post, I know a lot of people are curious as to what happens? What does it feel like? So I thought I'd write a full review.

So today I went along to the Bubbles Fish Foot Spa (Sliema), for those who don't know where it is, there is one right between the Preluna Hotel and Times Square ( the men can have a pint while we get pampered, it's a win-win situation). There is another one at Park Towers, Borg Oliver Street, St. Julian's.

So when you first go in you sit on a stool, remove your shoes and have your feet washed to make sure no dirt from outside harms the fish. After you will be given a pair of flip flops and shown to your "Tank".

Once seated, you take your flip flops off and dip your toes and then whole feet and half your calf into the water.

Some people find it's ticklish at first, but you very quickly get used to the sensation and begin to relax.
Personally, as mentioned before I think it feels like having your feet in fizzy water.

So you just sit there for either 15 or 30 minutes and relax. After a long day in the heat, and shopping in Sliema, dipping your feet in cool water is rather refreshing.

For those who don't know, these are Garra Rufa fish. Don't worry they don't have teeth, they just gently suck on your feet, with the same result as exfoliating.

I've arranged a special offer for my blog readers at both locations, you can receive either €1 off 15 mins, or €2 off 30 mins, simply just mention "Beauty Abroad Blog" when you visit. So it's worth trying if you haven't already.

Contact Details can be found here : Exclusive Offers

Pamper Party

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Every girl loves being pampered and relaxing with a glass of wine and I know pamper parties aren't something new in the UK, however I really struggled to find someone offering the service here in Malta.

Around a year ago I searched high and low and found possibly the only mobile beauty therapist in Malta. So now once a month, i round up the girls at my apartment. The men either take the kids out for the day or watch football, so it quickly became not only my favourite day of the month but my boyfriend's too!

There is usually anywhere between 4 and 12 of us, and this is an all day event from 1.30pm till the last person leaves...sometimes 9pm or later (depending on how the wine is flowing), so I usually put on a full spread to soak up the alcohol and keep people going. I love baking too, so there is usually cupcakes on offer (to the right is my latest batch), and there is always sandwiches, chip & dip, mini pizza's and everything else you can think of to keep people going.

Now i have to admit, i always spend from 9am - 1.30pm in a flurry of shopping, baking, cutting, and chopping until everyone arrives, but from that first knock on my door and i can sit down and relax it's totally worth it.

I normally host these parties on the 1st or 2nd Saturday of every month, so the next one will be in September, so if any other bloggers out there in Malta would like to come along, please feel free. Just e-mail me at : beautyabroadmalta@gmail.com for more details.


Colourful summer

Saturday 6 August 2011

A few months ago I took a Personal make up course, not that I didn't know how to apply make up, I was just looking for something fun to do in the evenings.

In the class we experimented a lot of eyeshadow colours, and I actually quite enjoyed using colours I wouldn't normally try, it's surprising what you learn when you come out of our comfort zone.

Anyway, afterwards I found a company called "Twinkle Malta", they've got lots of  make up at very reasonable prices so I ended up buying this colour palette to experiment with:

With 200 different colours for only 20 Euros it was defiantly at a bargain, not to mentioned they delivered it straight to my office - free of change and I even got a free gift!

Here's a few samples: