Fortina Spa

Monday, 10 October 2011

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend, I certainly did. I had some friends visiting from the UK and I was lucky enough to take Friday off work to go to the Fortina Spa.

I wanted to write a review as I had a great time and would recommend anyone taking a day off and going there to de-stress.

As we all know Spa days can be expensive, but Fortina have a great package call "Relaxing Day (A)" for €60. Which sounds a little pricey but let me explain..

So we arrived at Fortina Spa Resort at 11.45am (15 Minutes early - as advised), and we were greeted by the friendly staff at the reception Spa, where were then lead to our treatment rooms. You have a choice of either a Relaxing facial or a Relaxing Massage (25 mins). I opted for the facial.

The treatment rooms are spacious yet cosy, with soft playing music and dimmed lights.The therapist kindly explained what she would be doing - cleanse, gently exfoliating, massaging and apply a mask.

Once the masks were on, she left the room for 10 mins to allow me to relax. My eyes were covered so i found myself day dreaming. Usually I have 101 things on my mind and would be looking around the room, but it was nice to lie there just thinking of nothing. Also they placed a cotton hair net/shower cap over my hair when they were massaging my head! No greasy hair after - amazing!

Once I was all cleaned up, we went for Lunch (included in the package) up stairs at the pizzeria in the Hotel - Il Giardino. It's situated just off the pool area so there was lots of over hanging trees and a little bit of sun while we sat outside! It felt very tropical.

Now I was expecting a set menu as part of the Spa package, but we were told we could pick any 1 x Starter, 1 x Main and 1 x Dessert!! I opted for Garlic Bread,Marghertia Pizza, and Strawberry Gateaux. Yum! There were specials of the day such as Duck or Chicken but as a Veggie, I was more than happy with my choice. Starters are €4-9 and Mains up to €9-16, so I'd say we ate around €20-€25 worth of food each (Drinks not included). 

Next we went down to Spa Sante. I'd never been to a "proper" spa before so I can't compare, but I loved this place. We were given fluffy white robes and changed into our bikini's. It's recommend to spend 2-3hrs here and now I see why, there is just so much to do. Here's some photos from their facebook page.

There is everything you need to relax :
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Meditation Room
  • Jacuzzi
  • Ice Room
  • Fun Shower
  • Foot Spa
  • Relaxing Area
  • Kneipp Walk
  • And more..
I checked on their website and to use to Spa Sante alone is €30, so the package is well worth the money if you ever feel like treating yourself .


  1. Great post thank you :) i've been considering getting myself a spa day for ages and this looks perfect. It's close to me, so reasonable and looks great!

    I will definitely be doing this with my friends soon :) xx

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  2. Woow I got relaxed just by reading your post haha :) I've spent some relaxing time at Anjelica's comfort zone in B'Bugia as well a couple of weeks ago! It's amazing and had never felt better after the facial & the full body massage! Just found out about your blog and it looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! x

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