MakeUp Store - Home Spa Salt Polish in Vanilla/Citrus

Friday 13 December 2013

The MakeUp Store in Sliema is a shop I don't often visit. I work in Sliema and when the weekend comes I normally want to kick back a relax, but when I do visit The Point shopping Mall, The MakeUp store is my little bit of heaven.

Last time I was at the store I got a satchet  on the Home Spa Salt Polish in Vanilla/Citrus. I love a good salt body scrub, and this one smells divine, I love products that smells like luxury spa's and this polish ticks that box.

The polish is nice a corse but not too heavy, perfect for using all over, but I would avoid using it on your face. There is loads of product in one sachet enough for a genourous helping of one use. 

The only downfall is they don't make this in large tubs so it's something I would save for a treat rather than using regularly. But saving it for special occasions makes it that more special.

If you're looking to pamper yourself at home without the expense of visiting a spa, next time you are at The Point be sure to point up one of these as a treat and let the heavenly smell melt away your woes and leaving your skin silky smooth.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Lips review

Thursday 12 December 2013

Cicaplast Lips - €5.50*

Winter is now well under way and while I look after my skin all year round, I give it a little more attention in the winter to make sure it's properly hydrated - those cold winds can really dry it out.

The first area of my skin to get affected is my lips, and when La Roche-Posay launched their Cicaplast lips in Malta, I couldn't wait to try it out. I'm already a big fan out their Anthelios Stick SPF 50+ that I carry around with me in summer so I had high expectations for this, and I can tell you I was wasn't disappointed.

When it comes to lip balms I can be quite picky. For lip care I prefer not to use products with petroleum jelly, as it acts as a barrier rather hydrating your lips and I'm happy that Cicaplast is free from petroleum jelly as well as lanolin. As horrible as Lanolin is, I know it works well on my lips keeping them soft and smooth, but I have seen the same results with Cicaplast as I have had with lanolin based products, which I'm very happy about - all the benefits without the icky factor! I've been using this product for the last 3 weeks and report back that it does work. My lips have stayed hydrated and soft even in the harsh weather we've been having.

The balm comes in a squeezable tube and the product is quite thick but applies easily to the lips and goes on clear with immediate results.

A little off topic but something I had to share - Did you know what La Roche-Posay is available in every pharmacy in Malta? This makes me happy! 

Next time your in a pharmacy be sure to grab some of this to keep in your handbag, your lips will thank you for it!

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Lips  is available in pharmacies - €5.50*

Lierac Mésolift Serum

Saturday 7 December 2013

Last month I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Lierac in Malta. I have to say I was rather excited, I love french skin care (don't they just have the best skin!) and was eager to try some Lierac products.

I've been just this Lierac Mésolift serum for the last 3 weeks now and I have to say I'm impressed. I've used it twice daily, once in the morning after cleansing my skin and before I got to bed after removing all my make up.

Mésolift Serum contains a cocktail of 5 vitamins, 6 minerals and hyaluronic acid which helps reenergise your skin. The formula is light weight, non greasy and easily soaks into the skin.

The glass bottle comes with dropper so you don't waste any product. One dropper full will do my whole face, while it doesn't seem like a lot of product a little really does go a long way. There is a slight scent to the serum, which is hard to describe but smells faintly of oranges, but fragrance isn't over powering.

While I generally take good care of my skin, I have to say that the Mésolift serum has helped my skin feel firmer and gave it that little extra glow.

If you're looking for some new skin scare, I would highly recommend that your check our the Lierac range, as mentioned in my last post they have products for all your needs! You can check out their full range at : , I've also spotted the products in Franks as well.

Have you tried any Lierac products, what was your favourite?

NYX Summer Green

Tuesday 26 November 2013

So a few months back I had a words party that I bought a new dress for, it was just plain black with a lime green belt. I didn't own anything lime green so I went looking for some nail polish in NYX but they didn't have the exact shade, but they did have this eyeshadow. So I picked it up to try out.

In the end I never made it to the event, so I never got to try it out and at the weekend when I was organising my make up, I came across it again and thought I'd live it a go.

So as you can see from the picture, Summer Green is a lime green colour. Now i'll admit, I probably would have never of bought this shade if it hadn't been for this belt. But I'm really happy with the way my look turned out.

I applied NYX summer green all over my lid and under my lash line, then used a black eyeshadow in the crease to give it that smokey look and finished it off with a touch of NYX jumbo eye crayon in Milk in the inner corner and just a touch of gold in the inner bottom lash line. Lashing of mascara and lined with a liquid eyeliner and kohl liner one my water line.

Here's the picture I posted on Instagram (you can follow me @beautyshewrote)

What do you think? Would you wear green eyeshadow?

NYX Summer Green Eyeshadow is available in store at the NYX shop in Sliema
(Prices are around €4)

Urban Decay Naked 3 - 20% Off


There has been a lot of hype about the Naked 3 palette, there were rumors that it was an urban legend, but no it is true and it is finally and available for pre-order!

 Now I love a bargain as the next gal so I'll keep this post short and sweet. Find out below how you can get your Naked 3 Palette for less than £30!!

20% of Naked 3 from
enter code LATENIGHT at the checkout

Bourjois Color Boost Fuchsia Libre

Sunday 24 November 2013

When I was back in the UK a few months ago I picked up a few items from Bourjois as they were on offer in Boots on 3 for 2 (if you want to see what else I bought you can watch my UK haul video here). One of which was this Colour boost lipstick in Fuchsia Libre.

The colour boost lipsticks come in very similar packaging to the Clinique chubby sticks (amongst others), which personally I find very easy to hold and makes application rather easy.

My first impression was "wow, this is super easy to apply". The formula is softer than a normal lipstick, more like a lip balm so this just glided on my lips.

For some reason I was expecting the pigmentation to be 10 out of 10, but was pleasently surprised to find it just slightly less but they colour pay off is great for a balm type formula. I would say these are more a highly pigmented lip balm rather than a lipstick. The colour is also easily to build, depending on the look you want.

The formula is super moisturising and I also like how it has SPF 15 built in. The colour lasts quite well but you'll need a top up after a few hours to keep the vibrance of the colour, but it's doesn't fade completely.

Fuchsia Libre is a vibrant barbie fuchsia pink with a gloss finish.

You can pick these up at Bourjois stands at the UK, or in Pharmacies and Franks in Malta.

Have you tried Bourjois Color Boost yet?

Flormar Matte Nail Polish

Tuesday 19 November 2013

I had never heard of Flormar before, but stumbled across one of their shops on a recent trip to Barcelona. I had plenty of time to kill so through I have have a look around the shop.

Flormar originally started in Italy in the 1970's, after which it move to Turkey and has 40 years of success ever since. It seems to be a popular eastern and southern European brand which has shops in over 80 countries, but not Malta or the UK which I probably why I hadn't heard of them before.

Having no preconceptions about the brand I just browsed the products to see what would catch my eye. One of which was these matte nail polishes. In the store I was in there was 100's of different colours to choose from but the matte range caught my eye so I picked up this turquoise colour and a red one.

The brand it's self is a high street/drug store brand. These nail polishes were around the €3 mark so not expensive at all. The application is nothing to complain about, the brushes were easy to hold and the polish dried in a reasonable amount of time with a nice matte finish and only one coat was needed.

I've been wearing the red on my toes for the last few weeks and have to say I'm really surprised how little(i.e not at all) that it's chipped, especially for a polish in that price range.

Overall I don't have any complaints about these nail polishes, I picked up some other products from Flormar so I'm keen to test those as well.

Have you tried Flormar, I'd love to know your thoughts?

EDIT: The full range of Flormar products are available from St.Simon Pharmacy in Bugibba

Make Up Store - Eyedust in Hot

Sunday 17 November 2013

Back in September when I was at the Dean Gera Salon launch, I picked up a few items at the Make Up Store at The Point in Sliema, one of which was this eyedust in shade "hot". Hot is a metallic rose gold pigment powder which is just....well rather beautiful.

Make Up Store is a Swedish brand which launched this year in Malta. The product quality and prices are along the lines of MAC. If you haven't been yet, you need to go just to see all the colourful and sparkly products they have.

The eyedust is very light weight and applies effortlessly and is very well pigmented with a metallic finish.

How beautiful is that? Pretty darn gorgeous right. While I was there I also picked up some mixing liquid. I had been meaning to buy some for a while and since I was buying a loose powder I thought I would get some to try,

If you want your eyeshadow powders to last longer with a more intense colour I would recommend picking up some mixing liquid, it can instantly transform any of the products you have. All you do is put a few drops in a small mixer, something like a bottle cap or lip and add some powder/pigment.

Below you can see the difference between the two. On the left is the powder, and on the right is with mixing liquid.

I love this shade because it's very versatile, you can wear it during the day for a soft look femminine look and then with lashing of liquid eyeliner and mascara for sultry evening look. I haven't even thought about a dress or anything else but I think i'll be wearing this to some Christmas parties next month.

Have you been to the Make Up Store yet?

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Triple Defense Shield Sunscreen Review

Friday 15 November 2013

I bought the Elizabeth Arden Prevage sunscreen around 4 months ago and I've almost ran out so I thought now was a good time to review. I know what you're thinking £51 for a face cream! I had been thinking about buying it for a while and eventually took the plunge (covering my eyes as I hit 'buy now') and I am so glad I did.

The packaging is in a squeezable tube and comes with a brush applicator for easy application which has an on and off switch so the product doesn't leak out.

The formula of the product is really light weight and non-greasy and applies really well and soaks quickly into the skin.

While we all know it's important to wear SPF everyday, this product also acts a great primer and moisturiser as well. I've been using it everyday for the last 4 months and have really noticed a big difference in my skin, even more so when I've skipped a day my make up doesn't sit quite as well.

A part of me was hoping this wasn't going to be an amazing product so I wouldn't have to repurchase it as it is expensive, but sadly it is truly amazing and really does work wonders and while my bank balance won't thank me my skin definitely will!

If you've been thinking about buying this product, I would recommend you go ahead because it is really worth the money, I've had over 4 months use out of this and I probably still have a few weeks yet so it has been worth it in the long wrong.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Triple Defense Shield Sunscreen is available from with free worldwide shipping.

Pronails Nail bar Malta

Thursday 14 November 2013

Being an expat I get so excited when UK/American products/services get launched in Malta(how excited was I about HD brows!). Now nail bars aren't new thing but it is in Malta. I remember seeing nail bars as a teenager and always imagined how fun it would be to hang out with friends and get your nails done but sadly up until I left the UK I had a job that required my nails to be short and unpainted. How as an adult with a desk job i'm free to paint my nails what ever colour I wish.

If you're a woman in Malta it's more than likely you get your nails done regularly, we all have our favourite salons but sometimes it can be hassle - there is no parking, your appointment is in the middle of the day but you have loads of errands to run.

Now the new Pronails nail bar might not solve all your problems but being conveniently located in The Point shopping centre does make it hassle free. There is ample parking(free with treatment of over 45 minutes), you can do your grocery shopping, grab some lunch and get your nails done all under one roof. Sounds good to me!

Pronails offer a wide range of services from gel nails, pedicures and quick polish change and everything else in between. The prices are very reasonable and are the same as any other salon on the island if not cheaper. Below is a few examples of their treatments.

Gell infills with colour finish - €25
Lux Manicure - €30
Polish to go - €10 (includes a free bottle of nail varnish)
Lux Pedicure - 30

Pronails Nail Bar is located on -1 in The Point, Sliema
To book an appoint you can call on 2060 1184 or email

Are you excited there is finally a nail bar in Malta?

Lierac Paris launches in Malta

Sunday 10 November 2013

There is something about french skin care brands we go crazy for and Lierac Paris is no exception, and I'm sure you'll all be happy to hear Lierac has now launched in Malta. 

Lierac is owned by the Alès Groupe in France, which you probably won't have heard of but you may have heard of their other brand - Phyto. Their Phyto 7 Daily hydrating cream for hair is one of those "must have" products and has be raved about over and over again by beauty bloggers. So with that under their belt I couldn't wait to find out more about their skin care range.

Lierac was first created in 1975 and for almost 40 years they have been sticking by their principles of medical expertise, scientific credibility and rigorous ethics and helping women(and men) to feel their best both in beauty and in sensations of wellness.

The Lierac range can be broken down into 5 categories - anti-againg, daily essentials, dermatological, body care and sun care which covers everything you could need to do with your skin. Now I could go on forever about the products - there is certainly plenty of them, but for now I'll leave you a peek at what they offer and follow up shortly with some in-depth reviews of their products.

If you can't wait to try these products, they are available to purchase from Franks in Malta.

Have you tried Lierac already, what are your thoughts?

Only Banana Ice Cream

Sunday 3 November 2013

Now you're probably thinking, why am I talking about ice cream on a beauty blog. Well there is a few reasons but we all know its just as important to look after our bodies inside as it as outside. I try to drink more water,eat my 5-a-day and exercise regularly but sometimes that doesn't always happen but it's a lot easier to do when you enjoy these things or they are fun.

Well last week I stumbled across a recipe that I wanted to try, and well I've tried I and have just put my spoon down and wanted to share it with you guys. You guessed it - Banana Ice cream.....with only one ingredient - Bananas! Super healthy, super tasty and one of your 5-a-day what more could you ask for!

Preparation time: 2 minutes
Cooking time: 3 minutes

How to:
1)Slice as many bananas are you want (roughly 1 banana = 1 scoop)
2)Pop the slices in the freezer (freezer bag or try)
3)Leave to freeze for 1-2 hours (or longer if you wish)
4)Remove frozen banana and allow to defrost for 5 minutes
5) Put bananas in food mixer and mix on high for 3-5 minutes until ice cream consistency.

How easy as is that? Just note - that when you first start mixing the bananas they will go grainy, but keep the mixer going it will just suddenly turn into ice cream (trust me).

Now you are free to enjoy one of your 5-a-day. You can even mix it up and add some chocolate chips or sauce, whatever you want. I think this is a great recipe for everyone, especially as a healthy alternative for  kids, it's really surprising how creamy and ice cream like this taste. I'll never need to throw away bananas again.

If you have tired it, or do try please let me know what you think.

NYX Pink Rose Mega Shine Lip Gloss

NYX mega shine lip glosses have to be one of my favourite. The formula is non-sticky, the colour range is amazing and not to mention they smell like bubble gum. I bought a few last year online and loved them and now that NYX has opened in Malta it's just feeding my addiction even more.

At the NYX launch party a while ago I picked up another gloss in Pink Rose. As you can tell by the name it's a pink shade with a pearl finish.

Another great thing about the Mega Shine Lip Glosses is that they a very affordable and you get great value for your money. I can't remember the exact price but they are some where between 5 and 6 Euros. The packaging is really cute as well and has a little bow on the lid. Whenever i'm going somewhere I always grab one for my handbag.

NYX Pink Rpse Mega Shine Lip Gloss is available from NYX store in Sliema.

Philip Kingsley comes to Malta

Saturday 2 November 2013

When I heard that Philip Kingsley were launching in Malta I was pretty excited. Being an British ex-pat living here for a number of years it's always amazing to have British brands launch in Malta. So last weekend I went along to the launch event to find out what was in store.

If you haven't heard of the famous Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, where have you been? But for those of you who haven't heard about Philip Kingsley let me get you up to speed.

Philip "the hair doctor" Kingsley is the founder of Trichological Clinics in London's Mayfair and Harrods and also in New York. Having almost 60 years of Trichological(hair and scalp) experience he is the worlds most respected authority on hair and scalp health. He coined the phrase "Bad Hair Day"!

Their products are award winning, and they have a product for every imaginable hair problem as well as products to keep your scalp healthy such as scrubs and toners.

Products and treatments should be hitting the local salons in Malta near the end of the year. They will also be introducing Hair & Scalp spa treatment which is a 45 minute treatment where you scalp and hair is thoroughly taken care of while you relax with a head massage! I can't wait to try that one out.

Once I find out more about the salons and prices, I'll follow up with another blog post and some product reviews.

Are you excited for Philip Kingsley launching in Malta?

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

Sunday 20 October 2013

If you've seen my UK Haul video you'll know one of the things I picked up was Candy Yum Yum by MAC. I got this as part of the back to mac scheme when I took my empties back and was glad to find they had it in stock. On a side expensive are MAC lipsticks these days?!

Anyway, so when I got round to trying this baby out there was no surprise that I was going to have neon pink barbie lips. Normally I wouldn't of went for such a bright pink but I have to admit it goes rather well with my skin tone and I'm just a little bit in love with the shade.

The lipstick is really pigmented, so much so that I still had a little bit of staining the next day which I don't think I've experience before with a lipstick.

Like most MAC lipsticks, the application was easy, although I would recommend using a lip brush for such bright colours so you get a perfect outline as the tiniest smudge becomes very visible. The formula was also moisturising. The colour pay off is so good, you'd probably only need 1 touch up (if that) on a night out, this lipstick is not moving from you lips!

All in all, I think this is my new favourite bright lipstick at the moment and if you've been thinking about buy it you should, you won't regret it.

Do you like it, or is it too bright for you?

Selfridges Festival Beauty Box

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Some please like to relax and read the news online and keep up with the current affairs, I like to browse websites like to see what new products they have and that I can add to my mental wish wish. So a few weeks ago when I logged on, I have to admit it had been a while since my last visit (Selfridges please make an app so I can browse on the go!), I was looking through one of my favourite sections (is this is starting to sound weird?) which is the "exclusives" as they normally have some interesting products. 

Anyway enough of my weird browsing habits...I came across the Festival Beauty Box and couldn't get my card out quick enough. I'll use the term "festival" loosely as I think the box is perfect for any beauty lover (like ourselves).

I haven't tried all the products, jeez I've barely made a start so this won't be review but it's such an amazing value box that I couldn't not tell you guys about it. There is a whooping 11 products for only £25(product value is over £110), which includes brands such as illamasqua, Topshop, and bareminerals to name a few! Even with the products I probably won't use (I didn't really need a glitter chubby stick) I still think it's the bargain of the century!

The boxes are still available online from

UK Beauty Haul [video]

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Hey guys, so last week I went back to the UK for a few days for a friends wedding. I didn't have a lot of time to go shopping but I did managed to pick up a few bits and pieces, here is what I got.

Dean Gera Hair Salon Launch Party(& Make Up Store)

Saturday 28 September 2013

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to the Dean Gera Hair Salon launch party at The Point. If you haven't seen the salon before, it's located right next to (and connected to) MakeUp Store on the lower level of The Point shopping centre.

The salon is small, giving you that personal feeling. We got to meet Dean Gera himself on the evening and he was such a lovely chap, just the type of person you want to do your hair and make you feel pretty! But with the minimalistic design and plenty of mirrors the salon it has a very hip and trendy feel to it, which personally makes me feel a little better - If they take care of the presentation on the shop, they are going to care about how you look as well. The salon also stocks all the latest GHD, Schwarzkopf as well as many other brands.

Prices are very reasonable and start from just €10 for a blow dray, and €20 for a women's cut. I also like how you can pay a little extra to have the director to do your hair.They also over extensions services as well as straightening.

With the salon recently launch right next to Make Up Store (you can walk between the two stores), you can be whisked away to have your make up applied by the pros next door!

Think of a colour and Make Up Store will have it! Every time I visit Make Up Store I'm like a kid in a candy shop, there are loads of different colours and textures and finishes everywhere.

One of favourite parts of the shop is the these little glitter pots & rhinestones. I've probably mentioned before, I'm not a glitter type of person I'm a very plain jane, but I can't help getting drawn to these little pots of magic every time I'm in the store, they just look so pretty! One day I'll buy some, but I'm first trying to find an excuse or occasion to wear some of them.

For more information you can visit Dean Gera Hair Care & Make Up Store Malta

NYX Salon Formula Polish - Gemma

Friday 13 September 2013

While I was at the NYX Cosmetics event a few weeks ago, one of the items I picked up was this nail polish in the shade Gemma.

Gemma is a beautiful bright pink neon shade, normally I don't normally go for neons but this shade caught my eye. Like most bright colours I buy I intend to wear them when I'm golden brown (a tan makes everything look better right?) yet 6 years of living in the sun and I'm still milk bottle white! So I either need to spend some more time outside our slather on the fake tan.

However I think this shade would be fine with my skin tone but it's perfect to pick up for a holiday.

This shade is very well pigmented, the swatches above is just one coat! I love the packaging, the square bottle make them easy to line up. The brush is easy to hold and applies effortlessly.

If you want to see what else I got from NYX, check out my haul video below:

NYX have such an amazing range of polish shades - What's your favourite?