Flormar Matte Nail Polish

Tuesday 19 November 2013

I had never heard of Flormar before, but stumbled across one of their shops on a recent trip to Barcelona. I had plenty of time to kill so through I have have a look around the shop.

Flormar originally started in Italy in the 1970's, after which it move to Turkey and has 40 years of success ever since. It seems to be a popular eastern and southern European brand which has shops in over 80 countries, but not Malta or the UK which I probably why I hadn't heard of them before.

Having no preconceptions about the brand I just browsed the products to see what would catch my eye. One of which was these matte nail polishes. In the store I was in there was 100's of different colours to choose from but the matte range caught my eye so I picked up this turquoise colour and a red one.

The brand it's self is a high street/drug store brand. These nail polishes were around the €3 mark so not expensive at all. The application is nothing to complain about, the brushes were easy to hold and the polish dried in a reasonable amount of time with a nice matte finish and only one coat was needed.

I've been wearing the red on my toes for the last few weeks and have to say I'm really surprised how little(i.e not at all) that it's chipped, especially for a polish in that price range.

Overall I don't have any complaints about these nail polishes, I picked up some other products from Flormar so I'm keen to test those as well.

Have you tried Flormar, I'd love to know your thoughts?

EDIT: The full range of Flormar products are available from St.Simon Pharmacy in Bugibba


  1. Hi,I love their polishes, lipsticks and lip liners :D They are easy to find in my city and super cheap

  2. Elle the pharmacy next to me has a great range of Flormar! They're fantastic products! Love these mattes, haven't seen them around though

    Davi x

  3. I'm really liking matte polishes at the moment, love the red!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. What pretty, vibrant colours! Thanks for sharing :)



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