Color WOW Color Security

Monday 27 May 2013

A few weeks ago I posted about the Color WOW Root cover up and todays post is a follow up about their Color Security Shampoo & Conditioner.

I have long hair, there is lots of it but it's super fine. I also dye it a few shades darker than my natural mousey brown. If you have coloured hair, even dark brown hair you'll know it's pain with the colour up keep especially in the sun!

Color Security shampoo is a sulphate-free shampoo for all colours of treated hair. They have revolutionary Japanese amino-fortifed complex with helps prevent breakage, dullness and dryness.

But to put it to the test...

The shampoo is clear, and is meant to have a break through formula that produces a rich later unlike typical non-sulfate shampoos. And i'll be honest it didn't really lather for me, but I didn't have a problem with it, it just made my hair feel squeaky clean.

The conditioner was your typical creamy/white colour and I had no problems applying this at all. Everything rinsed out easily and didn't cause anymore or any less tangles than normal.

Once dried, my hair way soft and smooth and the colour looked good. I find some shampoos can make my hair look dull. One thing I really liked about this shampoo is it didn't make my hair greasy at all. I'm quite lucky and can get away with washing my hair 2 times a week! I thought I would give this shampoo and conditioner a good test, and after 5 hair still wasn't greasy!!Ok it didn't look as good as it did the first day, but it wasn't "I can't go out tonight - i need to wash my hair" scenario. Now for me that's a great hair product right there.

Color WOW Color Security is £16.50(250ml)/ £9.00(75ml)* from - (US/UK/AUS)
and (International inc Malta)

Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove DUPE

Saturday 18 May 2013

You may have seen the Sigma Brush Cleaning glove doing the rounds in the beauty world, and while it's a great idea there is no way I would pay $39 for it. So I headed to ebay to hunt for a dupe and this is  my little find for only £2.75!

While this isn't as fancy as the Sigma one, it basically does the same thing. I've used this a few times now and I rather like it, it makes cleaning brushes easier and quicker. All you need is a little brush cleaner, I use baby shampoo with the glove as it gives a little lather. Wet the glove, put some cleaner on and swirl you brush around on the bumps, then I rise under running water and swirl again (under the running water) to rinse. Then I leave them to dry as normal. Works a dream.

P&P - UK:Free / Malta : £4

Color Wow Root Cover up - Medium and Dark Brown

Monday 13 May 2013

If you have coloured hair like me, you'll understand the aches and pains of fading colour and showing roots, so when I heard about Colour Wow I was intrigued, especially with the Root Cover up palette.

Root Cover Up comes in 4 colours - blonde, light brown, medium brown and dark brown, however the formula is designed with a variety of pigments and reflective properties to ensure the shades look natural. It is in a pressed powder format and doesn't contain any dyes or waxes - for me it's almost like an eyeshadow or blusher for you hair. The formula is non-sticky/greasy and super lightweight, you won't even know you're wearing anything.

 One really cool thing about this products, is the blonde palette actually lightens the natural hair to match your shade of blonde which I think is pretty cool, as there is no product that lightens roots without peroxide.

Here are swatches of the Dark brown (left) and Medium Brown (right) - Unfortunately my roots weren't a good example, I couldn't get a good picture showing the colour difference but I hope you still get the general idea.

There isn't a lot of difference between the two colours, I guess it does depend on your dyed colour and natural colour. But as you can see below, in the pan there looks a lot larger difference. If you have brown hair I think medium brown is a good choice as it will cover dark hair and lighter brown hair, the best part is the colour is buildable so you can make it darker if needed. I applied 3 swipes for taking the picture to give you an idea of the true colour.

Now onto the best part (well almost), so over the last week or so while I've been playing and testing this product, I've actually found it to be a multi-use product. I guess the most obvious one is to also use it to touch up your eyebrows, there is a mirror in the packaging so you won't have any problems on the go....and my favourite..You know when you put your make up on in the morning, and sometimes you accidentally get some foundation on your hair line?.....well I've been using this to cover it up! It works a treat, no more messing about trying to get it out...I now just cover it up, and it really does last all day.

I think this is going to be one of the hottest products this year. It's an all round winner - great pigmentation, easy to use, fits in your handbag/pocket and it's a multi-use product...what more could you want!

What do you think? Is this something you would use?

Color WOW Cover up is £28.50* from - (US/UK/AUS)
and (International inc Malta)

Lazer Hair Removal - Part 2

Saturday 4 May 2013

A few weeks ago a wrote a post about my consultation for lazer hair removal, and today I attended my first appointment.

If you didn't read my last post, I'm having my underarm area done. It actually took a lot less time than I imagined. I was in the waiting room longer than I was in the treatment room. 

So anyway, I went along to the clinic today and was treated by Dr. Corrina Wood, the last doctor I had seen for my initial consultation was off on maternity leave, but I didn't have a problem with changing doctors.

Prior to my appointment I was told not to shave 1 week before (as I don't have a lot of hair and they wanted to see the area where to treat). So I did as I was asked, and strangely no hair had grown in since my test patch!! Which was promising results for me.

Before we started the treatment, the doctor asked if I'd experienced any symptoms such as blisters, hyper pigmentation etc since my test patch, which I hadn't so I was good to go. I lay on the couch, arm in the arm while she got to work.

Each arm took no more than 5 minutes(if that). When the lazer started I was happy to chat away, however half way through - right in the middle, I'm not going to lie it did get little uncomfortable, but the "worst part" must of only lasted for 30-45 seconds. There is a cold air blowing to help sooth the skin, but she noticed I was winching slightly and stopped for a few seconds. Next when she done the other arm it seemed to hurt less and we didn't stop this time. So I was good to go within 10-15 minutes.

People often describe the pain as a rubber band snapping against the skin, I guess that's one way to describe it, but it does feel like a tiny electric shock(not as painful but it is repetitive)

Afterwards she applied some Aloe Vera to sooth the area and I was on way. Afterwards I didn't feel much to be honest, I just felt normal and went about my day normally. This is something I would have no problem doing in my lunch break, I just opted to do it on a Saturday as it was more convenient for me.

I'm booked in again for 6 weeks time, and will report back again. If you are interested in Lazer hair removal I would highly recommend the Persona Clinic in Ta'Xbiex(Malta).