London Trip

Saturday 29 October 2011

So it's been an exciting couple of days as I went to London on Wednesday for a work trip and got back late last night. I had a great time, and we stayed in the most amazing hotel at Westminster Bridge. I could see Big Ben from from room! Here's some photos:
And I even had a separate living room!
Although I wasn't quite sure what to do in here, because even when I'm at home I prefer to lay on my bed to watch tv/internet/read etc.

I was lucky enough to have a few hours spare on Wednesday afternoon and we went to the London Aquarium, it wasn't anything amazing, i've been to Sea Life centres before. But I did love the penguins!
We then grabbed a quick bite to eat and went back to the hotel for a drink. I tried my first French Martini and I can see why everyone raves about them, they are delicious! 

Thursday and Friday were spent doing work, although on Friday lunchtime I managed to go to Covent Gardens and raid Lush and Boots.

To feed my nail polish addition, I ended up buying some...more than I imagined! Oops! But I did need more wintery/Christmas colours. 
Barry M : Coral, Barry M: Dusky Mauve, Rimmel: Black Cab, 17: Fury, 17: Forever, 17: Peacock
17: Ruby Gem, No7: Totally Teal, No7: Betty Blues

The lighting here is quite bad, but the 17 "red" polish is actually a lovely deep red wine colour. The best part was; 17 had an offer on, buy two 17 products and get this free:

I seen some other people talking about Umberto Giannini "Back comb in a can", so I got some to try it out...but it was on offer 2 for £7.50, so I picked up some "Glamour Puss Crystal Mist" to try it too.

Free gifts, special offers and £5 vouchers...I can never resist. It's one of the things I miss about the UK.

I found a Lush and had to pick up some "Snow Fairy" as I hear all the UK bloggers raving about it, and right enough it smells heavenly .I picked up some "Rock Star" soap and a bath bomb wand as well. All of them smell so fruity and fresh..almost good enough to eat!


Tuesday 18 October 2011

My latest obsession is nail varnish. I know I know, i'm about a million years behind everyone else but I'm a pretty plain kinda of person and for the last 3 years i've only every had French acrylics. But since i've started blogging and finding more blogs i'm becoming more obsessed with finding and trying new colours and brands. So here's my first of many NOTD

I picked this polish up today at the chemist on my way home from work. It's Maybelline New York shade 249 (€3.59) .It's pearly white with a tiny hint of pink. It didn't give a full coverage as i expected (note the french tips), but it def gives a nice finish. This is with 3 coats.

What's your favourite colour? x

Fortina Spa

Monday 10 October 2011

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend, I certainly did. I had some friends visiting from the UK and I was lucky enough to take Friday off work to go to the Fortina Spa.

I wanted to write a review as I had a great time and would recommend anyone taking a day off and going there to de-stress.

As we all know Spa days can be expensive, but Fortina have a great package call "Relaxing Day (A)" for €60. Which sounds a little pricey but let me explain..

So we arrived at Fortina Spa Resort at 11.45am (15 Minutes early - as advised), and we were greeted by the friendly staff at the reception Spa, where were then lead to our treatment rooms. You have a choice of either a Relaxing facial or a Relaxing Massage (25 mins). I opted for the facial.

The treatment rooms are spacious yet cosy, with soft playing music and dimmed lights.The therapist kindly explained what she would be doing - cleanse, gently exfoliating, massaging and apply a mask.

Once the masks were on, she left the room for 10 mins to allow me to relax. My eyes were covered so i found myself day dreaming. Usually I have 101 things on my mind and would be looking around the room, but it was nice to lie there just thinking of nothing. Also they placed a cotton hair net/shower cap over my hair when they were massaging my head! No greasy hair after - amazing!

Once I was all cleaned up, we went for Lunch (included in the package) up stairs at the pizzeria in the Hotel - Il Giardino. It's situated just off the pool area so there was lots of over hanging trees and a little bit of sun while we sat outside! It felt very tropical.

Now I was expecting a set menu as part of the Spa package, but we were told we could pick any 1 x Starter, 1 x Main and 1 x Dessert!! I opted for Garlic Bread,Marghertia Pizza, and Strawberry Gateaux. Yum! There were specials of the day such as Duck or Chicken but as a Veggie, I was more than happy with my choice. Starters are €4-9 and Mains up to €9-16, so I'd say we ate around €20-€25 worth of food each (Drinks not included). 

Next we went down to Spa Sante. I'd never been to a "proper" spa before so I can't compare, but I loved this place. We were given fluffy white robes and changed into our bikini's. It's recommend to spend 2-3hrs here and now I see why, there is just so much to do. Here's some photos from their facebook page.

There is everything you need to relax :
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Meditation Room
  • Jacuzzi
  • Ice Room
  • Fun Shower
  • Foot Spa
  • Relaxing Area
  • Kneipp Walk
  • And more..
I checked on their website and to use to Spa Sante alone is €30, so the package is well worth the money if you ever feel like treating yourself .

UK Mini Haul - Part 2

Saturday 1 October 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks, I didn't arrive back in Malta until late Sunday night, and went back to work Monday morning, and I've been trying to catch up on everything since.

So after my last haul I didn't actually end up buying too much more. Instead I started my Christmas shopping (I know, I know) but Boot's had just put out their Christmas 3 for 2's and I couldn't resist starting early. Plus I'll be spending Christmas in the Uk this year for the first time in 4 years, so I was almost too excited about the "cool" christmas things you could get.

Anyway....I headed to Primark to pick up a few pieces.

When I was in Boots doing my Christmas shopping, they had an offer on for a £5 No7 Voucher when you spend £5! Bargain. I was lucky enough to be with my Mum who works in Boots, so I got discount too. So we put all our shopping through at £5 a time and ended up with about 6 vouchers. So I stocked up on some nail varnish.
(Barry I got delivered, No7 from vouchers)

I also bought some fake tan and a lipstick from No7 but I left them in the UK for when I go back next time.

I was definitely on the bargain hunt last week, and I took advantage of Back to Mac. You simply take 6 empty products back and you get a lipstick of your choice for free! I choose "Brave Red".

I looks quite bold, however when it's on it's softer. It's def my new fav colour at the moment. Perfect for Autumn/Winter. I've even been wearing during the day.

In my last post, I'd just received my E.L.F cosmetics and hadn't had the chance to try them out yet and I have to say..I LOVE this brand. I bought enough to have a full face with only e.l.f products and I haven't worn anything else since. Here are some swatches of the lip gloss I got.