Philosophy Just Release Me eye makeup remover

Thursday 30 January 2014

Another one of my Sephora goodies while in the US was this Philosophy Just Release Me eye makeup remover. Now I had a look on the UK site and they don't seem to sell it. So unless you're in the US, you and I both are out of luck.

Just Release Me is dual-phase, oil free eye make up remover. I've been using this was the past 2 weeks since I came back and so far I'm really like it. I also love Philosophy packaging!

I've tired my fair share of eye make up removers, and Just Release me is extremely gentle. The first time I used it, I thought it had only take part of my eye make up off and was a little confused when I tried again and the cotton pad was clear. It's like it just melts away mascara and eye liner magically into thin air! So if you're in the US and you're looking to pick up a new eye makeup remover, give this a whirl.

This has been my first Philosophy product and my impressions of them are good so far. I have 'hope in a jar' to review in the coming weeks as well.

What's your favourite Philosophy product?

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Anatomicals Our Lip Balm’s better than yours.

Wednesday 29 January 2014

It's clear by now that I have a thing about lip products, I really think you can't have enough. Yet my boyfriend tells me "you only have one pair of lips!" - men huh? Anyway I thought I would share with you this little beauty - Anatomicals Our lip balm's better than yours.

Anatomicals has recently launch in Malta. A big "Yay" for expats like myself. While they have funky packaging and product names you can't help but chuckle at, underneath it all they do pretty good darn products as well.

Our lip balm's better than yours, is a Ba na na na na na (Banana) scented lipgloss. There is no flavour to the gloss and the consistency is non-sticky - what you need with this crazy wind right now! One of my favourite parts has to be the SPF 15, I don't think I've seen a gloss with SPF in before - so well done Anatomicals. Big thumbs up!

I won't go into uses, we all know how to use lip goss. But for a glossy pout in summer, slick some of this over your favourite lipstick for all day long kissable and protected lips.

Have you tried Anatomical products yet?

Essence Volumizing Lash Powder

Tuesday 28 January 2014

 Essence Volumizing Lash Powder - €3.20

Last week in my lunch break I popped out to check out the Essence stand and to pick up some lipsticks after reading about them on Lara’s blog , while there I came across this lash powder and popped it in my basket to try out.

The package comes with lash powder which has very fine fibres and an applicator brush. Be careful when opening the lash powder as it’s easy to spill. I’d also recommend covering your clothes with a towel so the fibres don’t stick to your clothes, or have a lint roller handy!

The whole process is easy. 1) apply mascara to your lashes as normal 2) apply lash powder 3) finish with another coat of mascara.

To apply the last powder you can dip the applicator into the lash powder and tap of any excess powder and apply to lashes as you would mascara. Here are my results:

Without mascara

After first coat of mascara

After lash powder and 2nd coat of mascara

As you can see after using the lash powder, my lashes are a lot thicker. They also give my eyes more “pop”. This is a really great alternative to false eyelashes and is wearable during the day or in the evening.

If you’ve been thinking about buying the Lash powder, I would recommend you pick some up. For the price and the results you really can’t go wrong.

Have you tried the Essence Volumizing Lash Powder?

Environ Facial at Beauty & Co, Malta

Monday 27 January 2014

After the festive season and a couple of long haul flights my skin was in desperate need of some TLC. On Saturday I popped along to my regular Salon - Beauty & Co in Swieqi to try out an Environ facial. When Brad Pitt was in Malta filming World War Z he specifically asked for Environ - if it’s good enough for Brad, it’s good enough for me!

The science bit

The Environ facial is the first Cosmo-ceutical (cosmetic and pharmaceutical) of it’s kind. If you’re looking to lie there while someone cleans your face this isn’t for you, but if you’re looking for a facial that will really give you results and you can feel it working - then keep reading.

Environ was started in South Africa and formulated as a preventative measure for skin cancer. While using Environ products at home and having regular facials done, your skin creates its own natural SPF (approx SPF 20). This is achieved by introducing and increasing your levels of Vitamin A on the skin. There are 5 levels of vitamin A, and if you’re a first timer you’ll receive the lowest dose while eventually working your way up to level 5. 

While using the special Environ DF machine (I’ll explain what that does in the next part) it allows your skin to absorb 100% of the product and repairs the skin underneath. It helps with all kinds of skin issues such as pigmentation, sagging, wrinkles, scars etc and by healing the skin underneath, in a months time through your natural skin shedding process, you’ll see the real results. However I saw immediate results, but i’ll see them even more in a few weeks time. When you first start using Environ, a photo is taken after your first session, and again after your 5th session to show you the results.

The process

The facial consists of an 8 step process and lasts 90 minutes. While laying comfortably on the bed all wrapped up cosy, it begins with a pre cleanser, this mineral oil cleans and unplugs the pores from deep inside. Next a clay mask is applied on top to pull out any of the nasty stuff clogging up your pores, and then Alpha gel is applied and massaged into the skin to remove any dead skin cells in the most gentle way possible. This is all carried out while using a steamer that aids in opening your pores and making your skin subtle. Once your pores have opened and all the dead skin is gone, the cleanser is applied and your face is massaged melting away any dirt or build up that you may have. Next up are the extractions, removing any black or white heads that you may have, then onto the interesting part...

A vitamin A serum is applied to the face in sections, and a hand held probe is massaged over the skin. Environ patented technology uses sonophoresis (ultra sound) allowing the vitamins to penetrate 100% into your skin (typically creams used at home penetrate 2% into the dermis). The process is painless, however you will feel a light sensation of a needle gently probing your skin (no needles are involved!) and hear a faint sound...which is difficult to describe but it’s like when the TV is on but there is no sound, just a slight hum of technology/electricity. It’s actually quite relaxing and nothing to worry about.

After the probe, I was then treated to a relaxing lymphatic, draining, facial massage. Last but not least was the Algae mask. My therapist Faye double checked if I was ok with the mask being over my eyes, before applying the mask (which I was, as you can see from the picture below), but you don’t have to. Personally I really love the sensation of masks being applied with brushes. It was a strange feeling having my eyes covered but not unpleasant. Once the mask was on, I was hooked back up to the Environ machine again for some iontophoresis (A small electric current) allowing all the vitamins to penetrate deep into my dermis. While it looks strange, you won’t feel anything, however you may see a faint strobe effect with your eyes closed. This step is not recommend for people with epilepsy. While I relaxed for 20 minutes, I was treated to a hand and arm massage which helped pass the time.

After 20 minutes the mask is removed. This was I think my favourite part because the mask is almost like silicone, so a perfect outline of my face was peeled off. (It was like that scene in Mrs Doubtfire!). Lastly a moisturiser and SPF is applied and that was me done. 90 minutes of relaxation and radiant skin!


I’m excited that Environ has launched in Malta and will be keeping up with regular Environ facials ever 4-6 weeks. I saw great results after my first session, so I can’t wait to see how great my skin looks in a few months time. If you’re looking for a facial that actually works, I would highly recommend trying an Environ facial- you won’t be disappointed!

Who, What, Where, When?

Environ Facials are available at Beauty & Co (Swieqi) priced €40-50 (depending on your vitamin level).

Readers of Beauty She Wrote can receive 20% OFF by quoting “Beauty She Wrote” when booking.

You can make a booking directly with Faye via her Facebook page - here

Have you tried Environ, do you love it?

Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Dreamy poppy & Blazed

If you have seen my US beauty haul video (link) you’ll know that I visited a drugstore, and you can’t go to a drugstore in the US and not stop by the Wet n Wild stand. This was my first time and I wanted to buy one of everything, especially the nail polishes as they have such gorgeous colours. I opted for 2 spring/summer colours : Dream Poppy(pink) and Blazed (Orange). Both polishes were 99c each - bargain!

Dream Poppy is a beautiful girly pink and Blazed is a stunning coral/orange colour. Both colours apply easily and the pigmentation is good, however you’ll need 2 coats of Blazed until it’s opaque.

I tried these polishes out and unfortunately they chip quite easily so I would recommend wearing a top coat, however at 99c you really can’t go wrong. Plus there are so many shade in the Wild Shine range you could change your polish everyday if you wanted and not have to wear the same polish twice in a month!

Wet n Wild - Wild Shine is available from Amazon (uk) - Link

Nars Orgasm Blush Review + Swatches

Sunday 26 January 2014

While in Sephora when I was on holiday one of the items I picked up was Nars Orgasm. I know everyone and there dog has this product but now it’s finally part of my collection.

Orgasm is a natural looking peachy-pink shade which has a matte finish with an added bit of gold shimmer.

The blush applies lightly and is easy to build up, but even if you go OTT with the blusher the colour is still beautiful. This blush is perfect if you’re looking for your first blush or looking for a very natural look. The shade is perfect for spring/summer and will complement all skin tones. I can’t wait to wear more of it.

The only downside to this product in my opinion is the pigmentation, while the colour is lovely the colour pay off isn’t what I was expecting. I found it difficult to swatch (hence why it’s on my fingers) but while on the skin it’s a very natural looking blush giving just the hint of pink. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this blush in the evening as it won’t show up well in the darker light. Overall while I do love the colour, I don’t think it’s my favourite blush!

Do you have Orgasm, what did you think?

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Mains Review

Thursday 23 January 2014

One of my skincare down falls has to be looking after my hands, which is bad I know. My nails are always manicured but when it comes to taking care of the skin I have to admit I can be a little lazy at times. You often see pictures of older celebrities looking youthful but their hands are always a big giveaway of their age.

With the blistering winter months ahead this year I've vowed to keep my hands in tip top condition, and by the way of perfect timing one of my favourite skin care brand - La Roche Posay launched their Cicaplast hand cream. I'm also currently using the Cicaplast lips (review) which I love so I had high hopes for the matching hand cream.

I've been using the Cicaplast mains for over a month now, and can tell you that it has been a staple product for me with this chilly weather. The formula is thick but non-greasy and absorbs easily into the hands giving them instant hydration - just what you need when they are dry and cold. Not only does it hydrate, it also soothes and protects the skin, perfect it you suffer from chapped or cracked skin.

The last few weeks I've been doing a lot of traveling, and with the tube being 50ml it was a perfect size for me to take on the plane as well to keep my hands hydrated throughout the flight as plane air conditioning can be quite harsh at time, especially on long haul flights.

If you're looking to keep your hands in tip-top condition this winter like me, I could recommend picking a tube of La Roche Posay Cicaplast mains next time you visit a pharmacy, it will be the boost your hands need.

La Roche Posay is available in pharmacies across Malta.

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YSL Rouge Volupte Shine - Fuchsia in excess

Monday 20 January 2014

I saw the Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks doing the rounds on the blogs and they looks so good I noted it down on my wish list and while I was in the states I managed to pick one up. I went for no 5 - Fuchsia in Excess, while it looks red in the holder it actually comes out the most beautiful fuchsia pink colour.

The is so much to love about this lipstick. The package is sturdy and feels like a high end lipstick, I love how they have the colour in the middles so you don't have to open it up. I just looks so luxurious as well.

As for the formula, it's soft and glides effortlessly on the lips with a moisturising effect. One this I really like about this lipstick is the colour is so easy to build. For day time you need just a quick swipe and for the evening I'd wear a couple of extra coats for a more dramatic effect. While the colour is vibrant I think it's an easy shade to wear during the day as well.

Overall I really love this lipstick and everything about it. If you were considering splurging I would say go for it! I'll definitely be picking up more shades when I can get my hands on them again.

If you are in the UK and don’t have a YSL counter near you, you can order from and pick it up in your local store free of charge.

Do you love the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine as much as me?

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Alexa Chung for Eyeko - Limited Edition

Sunday 19 January 2014

I'm a little late with this post, but not too late. At the launch of Alexa for Eyeko, Selfridges sold out this kit almost instantly! Fear not, it is still available from and

I snapped up one of these kits at launch but with my traveling over christmas I didn't have a good chance to test it out, now I'm back in the land of living I've been testing these beauties out the last few weeks.

Alexa Chung for Eyeko includes 1 x Eye do Lengthen & strengthen mascara, 1x Eye do Liquid eyeliner - line & enhance, 1 x signuture Eyeko shield (for enhanced application without smudges), 1x Alexa Poster.

This set is really easy to use. The liner is felt tipped and allows you to easily create your desired thickness of eyeliner, as well as being easy to control. 

The mascara is probably the more interesting of the two. The brush is a spiral shape which beautifully spaces out the eyelashes for maximum oomph! When I first used it, it didn't feel like it was coating my lashes properly but when I took a step back I notice it had created the perfect application without clumping your lashes together, almost giving a false lash effect. Which I really liked, below you can see how the liner and mascara works together.

Have you tried Alexa for Eyeko yet?

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