Philosophy Just Release Me eye makeup remover

Thursday 30 January 2014

Another one of my Sephora goodies while in the US was this Philosophy Just Release Me eye makeup remover. Now I had a look on the UK site and they don't seem to sell it. So unless you're in the US, you and I both are out of luck.

Just Release Me is dual-phase, oil free eye make up remover. I've been using this was the past 2 weeks since I came back and so far I'm really like it. I also love Philosophy packaging!

I've tired my fair share of eye make up removers, and Just Release me is extremely gentle. The first time I used it, I thought it had only take part of my eye make up off and was a little confused when I tried again and the cotton pad was clear. It's like it just melts away mascara and eye liner magically into thin air! So if you're in the US and you're looking to pick up a new eye makeup remover, give this a whirl.

This has been my first Philosophy product and my impressions of them are good so far. I have 'hope in a jar' to review in the coming weeks as well.

What's your favourite Philosophy product?

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