Anatomicals Our Lip Balm’s better than yours.

Wednesday 29 January 2014

It's clear by now that I have a thing about lip products, I really think you can't have enough. Yet my boyfriend tells me "you only have one pair of lips!" - men huh? Anyway I thought I would share with you this little beauty - Anatomicals Our lip balm's better than yours.

Anatomicals has recently launch in Malta. A big "Yay" for expats like myself. While they have funky packaging and product names you can't help but chuckle at, underneath it all they do pretty good darn products as well.

Our lip balm's better than yours, is a Ba na na na na na (Banana) scented lipgloss. There is no flavour to the gloss and the consistency is non-sticky - what you need with this crazy wind right now! One of my favourite parts has to be the SPF 15, I don't think I've seen a gloss with SPF in before - so well done Anatomicals. Big thumbs up!

I won't go into uses, we all know how to use lip goss. But for a glossy pout in summer, slick some of this over your favourite lipstick for all day long kissable and protected lips.

Have you tried Anatomical products yet?