Philosophy Purity Cleanser Review

Tuesday 27 May 2014

I’ve had this baby for a while, but I wanted to use up a pile of cleansers that were currently scattered about because opening a new one, although it quite happened that way but that’s a different story... So anyway, if you read regularly you’ll know I recently go a Clarisonic (review here) and I was looking to use a different cleanser to the Clarisonic one. I tried my Cetaphil, but as much as I love that product it just didn’t seem to foam like the Clarisonic cleanser so I open up Purity Cleanser to try that. While I find it works better than Cetaphil with the Clarisonic, it was quite as good as the Clarisonic cleanser.

Foamy-ness aside, I have to admit I’m not wowed by this product, although at the same time I don’t really have anything bad to say. I know a lot of people love this, I’d heard a lot of positive reviews hence why I bought it, but I haven’t been blown away. Don’t get me wrong, it cleanses my face well and removes all my make up, but so do a lot of other (cheaper) products.

Packaging wise, it’s similar to the rest of the Philosophy range which I find really quirky - I’m a sucker for nice packaging! That being said, I’m not sure about the other size bottles, but I’ve been finding the 90ml bottle a little awkward to dispense the product. You need to pour out the cleanser, personally I prefer a pump or squeeze bottle.

So overall, a bit of a miss for me. I don’t think i’ll be repurchasing. My search for the perfect cleanser will continue...So if you have a Clarisonic, please let me know what cleanser you use with yours.


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YSL Glossy Stain - Shade 31

Saturday 24 May 2014

I’ve had my eye on the YSL glossy stains for a while, and bravely asked my boyfriend to “surprise me” with a YSL product from duty free and to my delight this is what he brought home. 

Shade 31 is a beautiful pinky-coral shade and he couldn’t of picked a better shade for summer.

YSL is one of my favourite brands when it comes to packaging. I love the gold boxes and packing feels like your are actually buying a high end product.

Glossy stains are as they name suggests, a combination of a gloss and a stain. I find that it applies easily. It’s not crazy pigmented so you don’t have to be super careful with application like with some products (I’m looking at you red lipstick!) but gives a lovely subtle hint of colour with a lick of gloss that’s non sticky. Wear time is good, the gloss lasts around 2 hours, while the stain lasts up to 6 hours.

I think that shade 31 is perfect for summer and is a great product to wear day or now. So if you’ve been thinking about buying one, i’d say - go head you won’t be disappointed.

                            Have you tried the YSL glossy stains, what shade is your favourite?


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Philosophy - Hope in a jar

Saturday 10 May 2014

While on holiday in the US at Christmas time, one of the items I picked up in was Hope in a jar by Philosophy, I’d heard great things about it and wanted to try it for myself. I’ve only recently got round to using this, as I wanted to use up my other moisturisers first. If you’re anything like me you’ll have a whole bunch of half used products!

So anyway, when I first started using this the first thing I noticed was the unique texture of this. All the moisturisers I’ve used in the past are like a cream, while this looks like a cream once it touches the skin it just melts into almost water. It applies really easily to skin, my skin just seems to drink this stuff up. The best part is you only need a tiny tiny bit. I have the 15ml tub and have been using this for 2 weeks and it looks like I’ve barely touch the product.

I find the ‘cream’ really hydrating as well, it leaves my kind soft and hydrated without the feeling of having anything of my skin. The only down side to the product is it’s lightly scented, and personally I don’t like the smell as it’s a bit too chemical for me. But this disappears after application so it’s not a deal breaker.

Have you tried Hope in a jar? What did you think?


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