HD Brows review - Transforma Malta

Sunday 29 April 2012

 **Warning contains unruly eyebrows**

So yesterday I ventured along to the Transforma Clinic in Attard for my first HD Brow experience. I have been wanting HD brows since I first heard about them last year, and was delighted to hear they had finally became available in Malta!

The Clinic itself if very modern and very clean, not like your usual salon. They offer everything from Manicures to hair transplants, and the place does have a Clinic feel to it. Which I personally liked. My brows were done by the lovely and very talented IIona (the only HD brow specialist on the Island), I had to wait over a month for my appointment so I was hoping it would be worth the wait!

So here is the before photo (I let them get so bad so they could have more to work with).

As you can see they are extremely uneven, over grown and misshapen!  And here is the finished result:

What a difference!

The whole process took around 1 hr. There was tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing, trimming, powder, pencil - the works!

The whole thing for virtually pain free. It was the first time I'd had threading done, which I found to be a very bizarre sensation.

IIona was very knowledgeable and helpful showing my how to maintain my new look. Once waking away with perfect brows you still need daily care to keep them looking good. Such as filling in any gaps you may have until you've grown our own perfect shape. (This takes around 2 -3 HD brow treatments to grow your own hair).

When I first seen the first result I have to admit I was quite shocked at how "Full" they were, as I wasn't used to seeing myself with such defined brows. But after 10 mins...I realised they were in fact the perfect brows and couldn't stop looking at them for the rest of they day! It's amazing how something so small can make such a difference to your face.

I am now fully converted to HD brows!

The treatment cost €30
They also have a great offer - have 5 HD brow treatments and get your 6th Free!

Now for the most exciting part (for me anyway). Rumour has it, that IIona will shortly be doing HD Brow parties! This makes me excited beyond belief as I love nothing more than getting together with the girls and being pampered! As soon as it's available I'll let you all know as I was thinking about hosting one!

If you're interested in booking an appointment you can contact IIona directly at: Cillinas@gmail.com

Or if you're interested in the HD Brow party, leave a comment below and I'll keep you updated.


Illamasqua - Succubus , Intense Lipgloss Review

Wednesday 25 April 2012

I love bright red lips! I have dark hair and pale skin and red just brings a nice pop of colour! Although I do save it for nights out only.

I have to admit, this is my first Illamasqua product, and when I seen this in the sale on Asos.com I couldn't resist! You can never go wrong with a red lip gloss.

Well I say gloss...it's not your usual sheer lip gloss, true to name it is a highly pigmented Intense Lipgloss! At first I swatched this on my hand, and I couldn't get it off again!! Which was a good sign, you don't want statement lips fading off before you ever get to your venue!

It has a light fruity smells that reminds me of sweets, sadly it doesn't taste like sweets (not that I ate some!). The colour is a bright red with slight blue undertones, a lovely blood red.

I have to admit, when I swatched this on my hand I found it really sticky which I was a little disappointed by, but actually after I applied it to my lips it wasn't half as bad. Although you're hair will still stick to your lips in the wind! lol

Sadly it's not available in the Asos sale anymore (the have other shades/products though), but it is directly from there website here.

All in all, I like it and happy to add it to my new obsessive lipgloss collection. Would love to try more products thought.

What's your favourite Illamsaqua product?

Madonna Truth or Dare Perfume

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Madonna Truth or Dare - Exclusive to Selfridges

Smell connects us to memory, nostalgia and the ability to dream and fantasise. And this is exactly what Madonna aims to do with the launch of her new perfume Truth or Dare

Teaming up with award winning Fabien Baron for the bottle and package design, and Selfridges for exclusive retail. Wow Madonna knows how to launch a product in style!

Combing a unique blend of narcotic florals, balance with addictive woods an vanilla...in short : Madonna smells damn good! A strong but not over powering scent, perfect for any glamour event. The richness and extravagance of Truth or Dare would be suited for anyone 18+, I wouldn't imagine it being a day-to-day perfume for high school. But if you're old enough to attend a white tie event..Madonna's your gal!

It's the type of smell when a girl walks into a room and you're like - she smells good. I think Madonna has definitely create a unique and memorable scent. I imagine wearing this during the summer where the days are long, and the evening as spent relaxing with friends over a glass of wine and a bbq in the garden, then rediscovering the scent again months even years later and it takes you right back to summer 2012.

I'm sure most of you are the same, but for me whenever I smell "Charlie Red", I takes me back to my care free days of being an adolescent listening to Blink 182 and trying to fit as many scrunchies in my hair as possible!(ha)

The Collection
Eau de parfum is available in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml. Prices start from £25
Body Lotion - 200ml - £15
Shower Gel - 200ml - £14

Available from 16th April 2012 until May 2012 
(Stocks are already running low)

Do you like Truth or Dare?

*PR Sample

Barry M Lipgloss - Shade 11

Sunday 22 April 2012

I picked this up as I realised I have a serious lack of lipgloss! 
Shade 11 is a beauty pinky/coral colour.
The texture is smooth and not stick at all and it smells deliciously fruity!

It goes on sheer, but gives just the right about of subtle colour, perfect for the office/school daily wear.

I'll definitely be buying more of these, for £4.25 (From asos) I can't complain.

Do you like Barry M Lipgloss?

Glossybox March : Harrods Edition. Plus 40% off

Glossybox have teamed up with Harrods to bring you this limited edition box:

Clarins - Extra Firming Body Cream 30ml 
Burberry Lipcover - Shade No.4
Narciso Rodigues - For her
YSL - Forever Youth Serum
Molton Brown - Heavenly gingerlily bath and shower

First off, this product smells amazing, it's very fresh and fruity smelling.
The cream it's self if thick and creamy but blends into the skin effortlessy and soaks straight in and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy.
Almost straight away you can feel a different!
I'll be using this for bikini worthy bum, tum and thighs this summer!

Burberry Lipcover - Shade No.4

I wasn't actually aware that Burberry did cosmetics, and it's not something I'd think of trying.
This colour it too dark for me, it's a dark burgundy, however I did try it out in the name of beauty.
The formula is very moisturising and glides on effortlessly. The lipstick has a perfume fragrance too it, it's not over powering and is rather pleasant.
This particular shade, the pigmentation i'd give 4/10, however it's a "lipcover" rather than a lipstick (not sure the different)

Molton Brown - Heavenly Gingerlily moisture bath & Shower (50ml)

I'm already a big fan of Molton Brown, especially their hand soaps and bath products. They just smell amazing. I also confess to stealing all the miniatures from my hotel rooms that I give to guests when they stay over! lol
There's not much I can say here, it says it on the tin - Heavenly Gingerlily! mmm

YSL - Forever Youth Liberator

This serum is for your face and neck, with promising of looking younger a more toned!
Simply place a few drops on your face and neck and rub in. The formula soaks easily into the skin like it's drinking it up and doesn't leave you sticky.

I was a little disappointed to receive a perfume sample in my glossybox, as you can pick these up for free at any perfume counter. 
However I was surprised how nice this smells. Muskys but with florals scents as well. For me this is more of an evening perfume, but I think I might actually purchase the full size once i've finished this sample.

Overall I enjoyed the March Glossybox. My favourite products have to be the Molton Brown and Clarins. 

 For April only you can receive 40% off! Was £10.00 , now only £6.00 using code: AFFWSPRING40FF

Did you know you can shop online at Harrods?

Pssst. Here's a peak at January and February boxes if you missed them

Mac Lipstick Vegas Volt

Wednesday 11 April 2012

When I had enough empty containers to do "Back to Mac" I was struggling to pick a shade. There seems to a be handful of shades that are firm favourites and missing from my tiny collection was Vegas Volt! After looking at swatches online before (I sent my boyfriend for me, as I wasn't in the UK) I decided I needed to have it. 

Vegas Volt is a beautiful highly pigmented coral shade with the usual hint of vanilla like all make lipsticks.

I'm quite fair skinned (hence the freckle face!), and I think I'm going to wait until I'm just a shade or two darker to brave this out in public as I feel it makes me look ever paler! I love love the colour...so roll on the tan!

Available in store and online
Or from ebay - link (international shipping)

What's your "must have" shade?

Mac Bargians (up to 24% off)

Tuesday 10 April 2012

I was just doing some lunch time shopping (as you do) and I came across something I couldn't resist - discount mac lipstick! (everyone loves a bargain).

I'm already a big fan of cheapsmells.com...mostly because it allows me to order MAC to malta (yay), but also because of the nice little discount that comes on top.

Anyway, this is the first time I've seen MAC lipstick on the site so I thought it'd share (15% discount off rrp).

They don't have all the shades, but they do have some classics like MAC Red. They acutally have a lot of products at the minute including lashes and mineralize blush (24% off).

Anyway I'm off to fill up my basket.

Happy shopping!

Beauty She Wrote VS Betty Crocker

Saturday 7 April 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying the Easter weekend. I thought I'd do a little bit of a different post this evening.
I love food! (who doesn't?) and I quite enjoy baking. But today I was in my local shop and spotted a cake mix, the picture looked appetising, but things never look how they're meant to on the box. So I thought I'd try : Beauty She Wrote VS Betty Crocker! (Apologies if you're not interest in this post...but I had fun all the same).

The finished result.

Personally I think they turned out not too bad. But then again I'm biased! 

Happy Easter

Eyes of the day

In my post last week about the Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr, I mentioned I was going to try a look with it. Normally I don't go for dramatic eyeshadow but I thought I'd have some fun as it's just a lovely vibrant colour. Here's what I came up with:

I lined underneath with the Maybelline colour tattoo, for the lid I used purple as a base, and blue in the outer corners and blended in. Then I put a little gold in the inside corner to mix it up a little. Some false eyelashes and eyeliner and I was done.
Now that's I've tried it. I actually quite like it, and If i manage to fix a blue, purple and turquoise maxi dress I can see myself wearing this in the summer.

What do you think?

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Thursday 5 April 2012

As a beauty addict, which I’m sure most of my readers are as well, we all know the hassle it can sometimes be to keep our nails neat and tidy everyday changing our polish to match our outfits.

How would you like a product that takes off your polish…in just 10 seconds?

Introducing the Magic Nail Polish Remover by Bourjois

It's simple. 1 Nail + 1 second = perfect removal.

And there's more...Not only does The Magc Nail Polish remover have a red fruit and vanilla smell, it also has a nourishing almond oil too keep your fingers looking their best!

Available from the 18th of April in store and online at Boots.

Mac Paint pot "Painterly" - Review

Wednesday 4 April 2012

After seeing everyone else raving about the Mac Paint Pots, I had to try them for myself. Painterly seemed to be a firm favourite amongst the beauty community so I decided to try it for myself.

And so far I can confirm, it is amazing as people say.

"Painterly" is a matte nude colour eyeshadow, although it does look similar to a concealer with a very similar consistency. Since I've bought it I've actually been using it as an eyeshadow base and it does keep my eyeshadow in place and crease free through the day. 

I'm now keen to add more shades to my collection.

What's your favourite shade?

Paint Pot's are available for £14.50 at www.maccosmetics.co.uk
or ebay - link (worldwide shipping)

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24HR Review - Turquoise forever

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Straight away you can see the vibrance of Turquoise Forever, which is sure a summer colour for me. It reminds me of clear seas and sandy beaches. 

The formula is creamy, and very well pigmented. After I swatched this on my hand I struggled to get it off with just water - there is definitely staying power there. But personally I wouldn't recommend wearing make up for 24 hours without giving your skin a break. 

Normally I'm a bit of a plain Jane when it comes to eye make up, and this isn't a colour i'd normally wear. But I've had some idea on how to wear this which I'll be doing a post of shortly.

Have you tried 24Hr Colour Tattoo?

Available from Boots: £4.99 Each

Mac Blush - Pinch Me

Monday 2 April 2012

Yesterday I posted about Mac's "Feeling"blush. At the same time I order Feeling online, I'd already asked someone to get me "Pinch Me" from the Mac store, so I was a little surprised when I seen them side by side as they look quite similar, however once on the skin they look completely different.

Top : Feeling / Bottom : Pinch Me

Pinch me has more orange undertones than Feeling, and is also a lot more sheer on the skin.

Both blushes have a matte finish and are light weight on the skin. Pinch me gives a nice flush of colour, where as Feeling i'd regard more as a night time blush.

I need one more blush to complete my palette. What would you recommend?

MAC Blush - Feeling

Sunday 1 April 2012

A few weekends ago I posted about the amazing Cheapsmells offer for 15% of MAC, and I couldn't resist. I'm currently working on filling up my pro blush palette so the more blush the merrier!

I snapped up "Feeling" for under £8 with this offer, however it's still available from the website for £9.20 

At first it looks like a dusty pinky colour, however I was really surprised how pigmented this shade was. As you can see from the swatch it actually appears a lot darker than how it looks. None the less I'm happy with my bargain purchase!