How to de-pot MAC eyeshadow or blusher - step by step.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Since I've recently bought pro-palettes, I'd thought i'd share with you, how to de-pot the products you already have. I hope you find it useful :)

You'll need:

An old towel to put down so you don't make a mess
A pair of hair straighteners
An old tea towel or wax paper
Your pro palette and eyeshadows
Something pointed - knife/screwdriver/tweezers (I'm using a jewellery making tool here)

Summer Tan - 20% off

Friday, 24 February 2012

Now that winter is out of the way, we can start thinking about summer. Well I am at least, and one of the things I keep thinking is... I NEED a tan. I've actually been buying outfits and cosmetics to wear 'when I have a tan' it just me?

Anyway, it's not quite sunbathing weather yet, but there is no reason for me to be pasty white!

I got an e-mail today tell me that is now offering an extra 20% their whole FakeBake range, which is an even bigger saving on their already highly discounted products! (Valid until Midnight 26/02/2012). To receive this offer simply enter 'Bake20' at the checkout.

Just thought it'd share this all with you, as I'm feeling a little see-through at the moment!

Happy Tanning!

Valentines Haul

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hey, I hope you all had a great weekend. Sorry for being a little late with this post, but I actually ended up spending Valentines day sick in bed!

Whether you celebrate it or not, you can't avoid it. Personally I'm not into mushy stuff and set menu's so me and my boyfriend normally swap gifts, no teddy bears - just something we each want, then enjoy a cosy night in with a home cooked meal and a movie. This is what he got me:

Sanctuary Spa Professional Trim & Tone Body Wrap

Monday, 20 February 2012

Last year I tried my first slimming body wrap, and to be honest I was quite optimistic about the results as I stood there in my paper pants with the girl measuring my hips and thighs!

But an hour later - lo and behold i'd lost 5 inches!from my bum, tum and had just melted away! After that I was hooked! Going to a salon isn't always the most convenient thing, it can also be embarrassing for some. So I was delighted be I spotted "Sanctuary Spa Professional Trim & Tone Body Wrap". Personally I've a massive fan of Sanctuary Spa products, Boots have out done themselves!

Free Giorgio Armani Make-up (Uk only)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Get a free Giorgio Armani make up set with a voucher inside this week's Grazia magazine.

You can get a free 4 piece make up set from Giorgio Armani when you buy a copy of this week's Grazia Magazine.

How do I get it?

To claim your free Giorgio Armani make-up set you will need to buy a copy of this week's Grazia magazine (with Katy Perry pictured on the cover) and cut out and complete the voucher printed on page 129.
Once you have your voucher, simply take it to one of the Giorgio Armani beauty counters listed in the magazine to exchange for your free make up set by the 14th March.


For a full set of terms and conditions please refer to the voucher inside Grazia magazine.

Sleek Palette - Oh So Special

When I was in London a few weeks ago, I was desperate to finally get my hands on a Sleek palette that I've heard everyone raving about. So off to Superdrug I went, and picked up "Oh So Special"

Weekend Shopping Haul

Monday, 13 February 2012

On Saturday after visiting the Soap Cafe, I decided to have a look around to shops and treat myself as it had been a while since I'd been clothes shopping. I managed to pick up quite a few bargains as lots of the shops still had sales on. So here's what I go:

Miss Selfridge:
These dresses are really cute on, and will be perfect for summer. 

I guess you can never have enough skirts. I'm going through a skirts phase right now.

New Look:
Basics T's. The "red" one is actually a lovely wine/burgundy colour

I love skinny jeans for the office. Smart but casual.

Have you started stocking your summer wardrobe already?

MUA - Makeup Academy (Shipping to Malta)

For those who are in the UK or have been to the UK recently, you've probably have heard about MUA cosmetics, which are stocked in Superdrug stores. MUA has to be one of my favourite high street brands. Not only do most of their products cost £1, the quality is amazing too.

Every time I visit the UK I always pick up a few pieces to add to my collection. Here is some things I've picked up on recent trips -

 Heaven and Earth / Glitter Ball palette 's

The eyeshadow palettes are £4 each, and the blushers cost £1 each. As you can see I've already been using the blushers. They peachy colour is my new favourite, a nice soft colour for during the day. For evenings I use the dark rose colour.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this post is because I've recently come across their website and discovered they ship to Malta. Which if you're on the island, you'll know it's one step in the right direction.

The only slightly disappointing thing is the shipping is £7.50 . It says on the website Europe £4.95, but when you check out, it charges £7.50! Which I think is a little pricey for postage...but at the prices of their products I guess it counteracts it, since I don't know anywhere on the island I can buy good quality products like this for £1.

Another thing I'm excited about is their new "Love Heart" collection. Here is some photos from their facebook:

All in all, I love the colours of this new collection, and only £2 each I can't complain. So i'll be stay MUA loyal and ordering online.

Do you like MUA?

Kiss & Make up - Soap Cafe Malta

Sunday, 12 February 2012

On Saturday, I ventured into Sliema to attend the "Kiss & Make up" launch at the Soap Cafe. A new cruelty free, and all natural makeup line.

The soap cafe is one of those places I keep meaning to go, but I've just never got round to, and let me tell you it didn't disappoint.

Situated on a little quiet street just a few minutes walk from the Strand, the Soap cafe is one of Sliema's little gems. Sometimes we forget about the smaller independent stores while everyone flocks to The Point, but it's these places in my opinion where we find the best things!

Unfortunately, I never managed to take any pictures of the event. The place was packed when I arrived.

Not only were there scrubs, bath bombs and lotions and potions everywhere, "Hey Birdie-pie!" a vintage and second hand clothing pop up shop was there too selling everything from vintage tights to fabulous fur coats.

With everything to choose from it was hard to walk away empty handed. So here's what I picked up..

If you can't see clearly in the photo it's actually a giant pink cupcake bath bomb!! And it smells amazing. I can't wait to use it.

The second item I got was Mineral Bronzer in shade "perfect glow". I just so happened I drop my Mac bronzer last week, and had left my spare in the UK, so I needed a new one anyway. It's a lovely shimmery golden colour, perfect for giving that summer beachy glow. I can see me using this a lot in the summer...once I'm a little more tanned.

Have you been to the Soap Cafe?

Bourjois Launches its first pop up boutique

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Between the 16th – 20th of February, Bourjois will be launching its first pop up boutique, based at The Gallery above the chic Beach Blanket Babylon Restaurant in the heart of London’s Shoreditch.

The Bourjois Boutique promises to be every girl’s ultimate fashion and beauty destination. Coinciding with the start of London Fashion Week,(16th – 20th February), The Bourjois Boutique will not only be a consumer destination but it will play host to the filming of a new T4 program, brining viewers up-to-date with the hottest news and behind the scenes action from London Fashion Week 2012

The Bourjois Boutique is open for business! Not only will you be able to buy an array of their best selling cosmetic at heavily discount prices ( up to 65% off), you will also have the opportunity to buy exclusive limited edition products as well.

A team of professional make- up artists will be on hand to groom you to perfection, not only will they be offering free one-to-one make up sessions with this season latest make-up trends, you will also have the opportunity to have your hair styled and treat yourself to some nail art.

The boutique will be the perfect destination for those looking for the latest styling tips or for getting ready for a night on the town.

On top of all this, you’ll also be able to enjoy fresh macaroons,  a chance to take away our own personal sketch by fashion illustrator Zarina Liew, and the opportunity to win one on hundreds of goodie bags and win daily prizes!

For full details of Bourjois Boutique, opening time and a schedule of services visit :

Secret Santa

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I know this post is a little late, we've all probably forgot about Christmas already but last November/December I took part in a bloggers Secret Santa swap organised by the lovely Nav from naviliciousbeauty and due to Christmas post, I received my package a few weeks ago, but only discovered it on my last week when I returned from my trip.

Anyway, like any package I was very excited to get it! Nav put in lots of hard work to organise it and I for one really enjoyed it.

My Secret santa was "Ashley G"...i'm not sure the blog name but if you're reading this please let me know as I really do want to say "Thank you".

I received the "E.l.f. Professional 9 Pc. Master Set"

Like every make up lover, brushes are an necessity and you can never have enough. Plus I love these types of cases for traveling. Keeps everything nice and tidy.

Have you tried elf brushes? What's your thoughts?

Stylist Pick ship to Malta

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hi, you may have seen me tweet about this a few days ago but I thought I should share it here too.

Some of you have already heard of, and if you didn't know..They are now shipping to Malta.

I'm really happy about this as I feel this little island gets forgotten sometimes, and it's a pain to have things shipped over from family all the time.

If you haven't heard about StylistPick, It's easy - you sign up for free and fill out a style quiz, then within 24 hours their team of stylist will hand pick a wardrobe based on your tastes. If you buy. If you don't, and on the 1st of each month you get a new wardrobe. It's that simple.

Here's some photos from my experience with StylistPick if you missed them before:

What's your style? Find out for free (link)

Mini Mac Haul

Monday, 6 February 2012

If you follow me on twitter you'll know I was let loose in London for a few days while I there for a work trip, and by total coincidence our lovely HR girl booked me into a hotel right next to Kensington High Street! (Thank you!!)

Before I even went, I'd planned my shopping list and found out where all the stores where. Because I didn't have a lot of time I had to be quick. One of my stops of course had to be Mac. Here's what I picked upt:

Pro eye makeup remover/ Pro colour pallete / Creamsheen lipstick in "fanfare"

The 'Pro eye makeup remover' I've had before, and in my opinion it's one of the best. It take my mascara off like nobody's business. I picked up the travel size one as I thought it would be handy for when I travel.(duh!)

I've seen a lot of people with the blusher pallets and always wanted one, so I thought - why not? I have another blush to put in the palette but I'm saving that for a de-potting tutorial. (Not as easy as you might think!). My plan now is every time I'm in the Uk, I'll treat myself to a new Mac blusher and slowly fill up my palette.

Last but not least, creamsheen lipstick in Fanfare. In my mind I can't go to Mac without picking up a new lipstick (like a crazy lipstick lady). There is just something about them. Anyway I wanted something subtle to wear during the day while I had meetings and fanfare did the trick.

As you can see it's rosy colour, but I see it as a soft almost neutral colour as well. I think this is going to one of my favourite lipsticks for the summer as well...once I have a tan!

Have you tried any of these products?

For Audrey - by China Glaze

Sunday, 5 February 2012

We all love that movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, in fact when I was in New York 2 years ago I made a point of  doing just that "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

One of my favourite colours has to be "Tiffany" blue, as cliche as it sounds. Every girl would love to get a little blue box with a white bow.

When I spotted "For Audrey" by China Glaze...I had to have it.

I just love colour and itt will go with the pastel trend this spring. I have to admit, this was my first China Glaze polish and I am really impressed. I love the long brush, it makes painting so much easy and the creamy formula just glides on, no need for 3 or 4 coats like some brand.

I bought For Audrey up for £5.95 from Amazon.
 (*Not available in Malta, however you can purchase it from ebay here, and they ship to Malta)

Do you love this colour as much as me?

Face Highlighting and Contouring

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

I came across this amazing video last week by the Amazing Wayne, I'll let the video speak for it's self.

Now I was desperate to try this, but I didn't have any really dark liquid products. That's when I came across which is an amazingly cheap website for all low and high end beauty products. Like most sites similar you won't find full product ranges, but you'll still get a bargain. I like to look on here when i'm "experimenting" so I'm not left out of pocket...and here is what I got:

They had a great sale on, and I got each of these products for only £2.99 each!! Can you believe it.

Now I know I can never wear these products as foundations but I can't wait to try them out for contouring.

In fact after having a look at the Elizabeth Arden Ultra lift and Firm, I think I'll need to find my shade in a shop and order it from here. Look at this stuff:

It's really thick and creamy, I actually had to scrub my had to get it off. So I know it will give excellent coverage. I was lucky to buy it for £2.99, the price has went back up to £14.45, but that is still 46% saving from the £27 RRP.

I have lots of freckles so I'm always on the hunt for ultimate coverage.

Have you tried CheapSmells?

Tony & Guy Deep Barrel Waver - Review

Thursday, 2 February 2012

One of the things I really wanted for Christmas was a Tony & Guy deep barrel waver. And after all the hints I dropped to the boyfriend, I was lucky enough to unwrap a one on Christmas Day

I gave it a test run at the weekend and here is the results: