Sanctuary Spa Professional Trim & Tone Body Wrap

Monday 20 February 2012

Last year I tried my first slimming body wrap, and to be honest I was quite optimistic about the results as I stood there in my paper pants with the girl measuring my hips and thighs!

But an hour later - lo and behold i'd lost 5 inches!from my bum, tum and had just melted away! After that I was hooked! Going to a salon isn't always the most convenient thing, it can also be embarrassing for some. So I was delighted be I spotted "Sanctuary Spa Professional Trim & Tone Body Wrap". Personally I've a massive fan of Sanctuary Spa products, Boots have out done themselves!

If you aren't familiar with body wraps, it does what it says on the tin. You slather on the gel or clay in this case, bandage yourself up...and wait (1 hour), wash it off and hey presto you can now fit into those jeans!

I got this online from Boots for £26.04, it is also available in stores, but since my local store doesn't always have everything I just order it online and collect it in store (this service is free for orders over £20)

Have you tried a slimming body wrap?


  1. oooo! I used to clingfilm wrap before big events and it'd cut off an inch or two, always wanted to try a proper wrap though xox

  2. I'd tried the cling film ones too, It feels a little strange esp in a salon. I felt like a turkey! lol I'm glad I found this so I can do it at home. xx

  3. wow this sounds amazing!

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