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Monday, 13 February 2012

For those who are in the UK or have been to the UK recently, you've probably have heard about MUA cosmetics, which are stocked in Superdrug stores. MUA has to be one of my favourite high street brands. Not only do most of their products cost £1, the quality is amazing too.

Every time I visit the UK I always pick up a few pieces to add to my collection. Here is some things I've picked up on recent trips -

 Heaven and Earth / Glitter Ball palette 's

The eyeshadow palettes are £4 each, and the blushers cost £1 each. As you can see I've already been using the blushers. They peachy colour is my new favourite, a nice soft colour for during the day. For evenings I use the dark rose colour.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing this post is because I've recently come across their website and discovered they ship to Malta. Which if you're on the island, you'll know it's one step in the right direction.

The only slightly disappointing thing is the shipping is £7.50 . It says on the website Europe £4.95, but when you check out, it charges £7.50! Which I think is a little pricey for postage...but at the prices of their products I guess it counteracts it, since I don't know anywhere on the island I can buy good quality products like this for £1.

Another thing I'm excited about is their new "Love Heart" collection. Here is some photos from their facebook:

All in all, I love the colours of this new collection, and only £2 each I can't complain. So i'll be stay MUA loyal and ordering online.

Do you like MUA?

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  1. I love MUA, the heaven and earth palette is used daily- kinda makes up for not having the UD Naked one! Although I'm really disappointed at the postage- I saw on the website it was 4.95 and thought that was fair, I had no idea they actually charged 7.50. I don't really like being ripped off for postage, its a principle thing, even if the items are cheaper than any here so for that reason I'd definitely not order online. I'll just have to stock up on visits and get friends to post bits over :) xx

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