Face Highlighting and Contouring

Saturday 4 February 2012

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

I came across this amazing video last week by the Amazing Wayne, I'll let the video speak for it's self.

Now I was desperate to try this, but I didn't have any really dark liquid products. That's when I came across Cheapsmells.com which is an amazingly cheap website for all low and high end beauty products. Like most sites similar you won't find full product ranges, but you'll still get a bargain. I like to look on here when i'm "experimenting" so I'm not left out of pocket...and here is what I got:

They had a great sale on, and I got each of these products for only £2.99 each!! Can you believe it.

Now I know I can never wear these products as foundations but I can't wait to try them out for contouring.

In fact after having a look at the Elizabeth Arden Ultra lift and Firm, I think I'll need to find my shade in a shop and order it from here. Look at this stuff:

It's really thick and creamy, I actually had to scrub my had to get it off. So I know it will give excellent coverage. I was lucky to buy it for £2.99, the price has went back up to £14.45, but that is still 46% saving from the £27 RRP.

I have lots of freckles so I'm always on the hunt for ultimate coverage.

Have you tried CheapSmells?


  1. That's a great vid, I love Wayne! :)
    CheapSmells sales are some of the best online, looks like you got some fab bargains there! x


  2. Thanks hun. I just want to buy everything from cheapsmells. Their shipping is really reasonable as well. xx

  3. I love cheapsmells, their sales are great and even when their items are full price they're much cheaper than you could ever get them in malta! I love wayne too, always gives great tips! xx

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    1. I know, I love how they even have products that most companies won't ship direct here either. xx