MAC lipstick Hue

Sunday 31 March 2013

In my previous MAC haul video one of the items I got was this MAC lipstick in the colour "Hue".

Hue is a dusty pink "glaze" as MAC describes it but, but i would say it's more on the matte side than "glaze" however not completely matte and gives a lovely soft and moisturised look the lips.

This shade is great for everyday wear and will look great in the summer to give pale people like me the "english rose" look.

I bought this lipstick from a MAC counter in the UK priced £13.50 

On a side note - I've just noticed MAC lipsticks have went up to £14!! When did this happen? I have been living under a rock for a few months so it might not be new news! I know it's only 50p...but soon it will be £14.50 then £15! What is the world coming too....

I'm always on the hunt for new MAC lipstick shades so let me know your favourite!


  1. So pretty! Looks great.

  2. I love the colour of this very chic x

  3. Lovely shade, a classic I'm thinking yet it is one I do not own. I'll try and get it at some point as nude lipsticks are my favourite :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  4. This is such a gorgeous shade for everyday wear :) I love mac xx

  5. I have Creme D'Nude (creme sheen), Syrup, Plumful (lustres) and Ruby Woo (retro matte), all bought at M.A.C. counters. I have to say Syrup is my everyday-go-to as I love the lustre formula.