China Glaze - Full Spectrum

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Another nail post today! I've really been experimenting the last two weeks with different accent nails.

Last week I got my hands on China Glaze in Full Spectrum, which is a silver glitter polish with a slight pinky/purple hint to it with flecks of gold,red, green and blue. Let me start of by saying WOW. I've never actually tired a glitter polish with so much glitter. Ok so I'm not a glitter fanatic but I do have a few from OPI and H&M, but when I saw those in the bottle I was hoping for nice sparkly nails, but them seemed to just clear polish with a little glitter mixed through. If that's what you're looking for great, but I was looking for LOTS of sparkle.

Full Spectrum is an intense glitter polish and you only need one coat, that's right one coat for a full coverage of glitter.

*TOP TIP* If you're struggling to remove your glitter polish, soak a cotton pad in some nail polish remover and hold it on the nail for 1-2 minutes. You'll find it comes off a lot easier.

This is a great polish for Christmas time (I know we're in April) or a night out to liven your hands up. I only painted my my ring finger, like I said I'm experimenting with different accents at the moment. But my hand was so sparkly I couldn't stop looking at it!

The polish was easy to apply. I've tried China Glaze quite a few times before and I've never been disappointed


What your favourite China Glaze colour?


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    1. Thank you :) I was so shocked how pigmented it was. I can't wait to do all my nail with it for a night out xx

  2. Love your nails!

    Radha xoxo