MAC Carbon eyeshadow - swatches

Monday 29 April 2013

MAC Carbon is one of those classic shades from MAC that all MAC addicts own, and I've finally got round to adding it to my palette.

Carbon is a matte black colour. It's rather well pigmented but not as much as I expected. Below is a swatch with 2 "coats". However it is very easy to build if you want a block black colour. I didn't use a primer here, so to make the black even more intense I'd suggest using a primer first.

Carbon is great to use as an eyeliner for your upper and lower lash line, it's easy to smudge to give you that smouldering eye look, or you can use it on the outer corner of your eyes to give you shadow some depth. If your looking for more of a crisp line, you can always wet your brush slightly first to turn it into an almost liquid liner.

What's your MUST have MAC shade?

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