MAC Pink Swoon Blush

Sunday 21 April 2013

I'm quite terrible when it comes to MAC blush, I always forget what shade I have.!It's not like eyeshadows where you have a whole spectrum of colours and without having my palette in front of me I panic in the shop or even online that I already have it!

But one I was sure I didn't have was Pink Swoon, so it became part of my collection.

Pink Swoon is a pretty candy pink, a very barbie looking colour in the packaging which isn't me but on the skin it blends in effortlessly to give a nice light pink glow( the swatch isn't blended). 

It's a sheertone blush which is easily to build up if you're looking for really barbie pink cheeks, if not just 1 or 2 sweeps will do for a more natural look. Pink Swoon has a matte finish.

Overall I like this blush but I don't think I love it as there other ones - sorry forgot the names! That being said it won't go to waste but I don't think I'll reach for it everyday like the others.

I'm one blush away from completing a palette, what's your must MAC blush - I need some inspiration?

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