Wjcon Lasting Colour Stick eyeshadow in Turquoise 08

Monday 15 April 2013

So after the Wcjon Event on Friday evening I couldn't wait to test out some of their products. While I was at the shop I got this stunning turquoise eyeshadow stick. I also got it in blue but i'll save that for another review.

For those who didn't know Wjcon is an Italian brand of make up which is very affordable, it is also made in Italy.

Colour: Turquoise is exactly what it is - turquoise! It's a very vibrant colour and has an almost metallic finish. These sticks are super pigmented I was very impressed.

Forumla: The eyeshadow stick is so easy to apply, it just glides onto the skin effortlessly and since the stick isn't too large it's very easy to control where you're putting it. Now the staying power of these Last Colour Stick eyeshadows is nothing like I've ever seen before! They stay without budging for hours and hours on end and the colour stays just as pigments as when you first put it on. I tested this for around 8 hours and the colour was still the same throughout.

Packaging: The packaging in a black plastic pencil style, which you rotate for the stick of eyeshadow to come out the top. It's pretty sturdy and similar quality to other high street brands.

Price: Wjcon Last colour Stick eyeshadows are priced 6.50* each and come in 9 different shades.

Overall I was impressed with the quality of the product especially for the priced. If you're looking for some vibrant eye for the summer, I highly recommend checking them out as they as a fun and inexpensive way to experiment with colours.

Have you tried Wjcon yet?


  1. I got the same one. They really are longlasting aren't they?!



  2. I got the blue one...still have to test it though :)