MAC Blush - Desert Rose

Tuesday 24 July 2012

So a few weeks ago my other half was in the UK and I got a phone call "I'm in the MAC shop...what do you want?" sweet as this is, it sent me into a panic. The first thing that came to mind was a blush because I have 5 in my pro blush palette and have been waiting for ages for a 6th. "Eerrrr can I have a blusher please?"....."What colour the sales assistant is front of me"....I frantically went onto the website to find a shade I like, quickly googling swatches it was almost like I could hear a clock ticking.

So in the end I picked "Desert Rose"

Desert rose is a matte finish, dark rose powder blush.
It goes on smoothly and blends easily into the skin, it is also easy to build up it needed, but the colour is nicely pigmented already you probably won't need to.

I love mac blushes and 9 times out 10 I reach for my pro palette in the mornings.
Which such a variety of colours there is something for everyone.

MAC powder blushes are priced £17.50 and are available online or in store.

What's your favourite shade?


  1. This colour is cute, not too pink and I prefer mattes. How mean of him to put you on the spot like that though hehe these things need consideration! xx

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    1. I know it sent me into such a panic. I should keep a wish list handy in future lol xx

  2. This color is really beautiful. I still have not tried any MAC Blushes. Next time I travel I will surely pick up this color :)