NYX make up bag

Monday 30 July 2012

Back in May I did a post about the NYX jumbo eye pencils I got, but I didn't have somewhere nice to keep them altogether and didn't want them sitting out (my dressing table is crowded as it is!), so when I spotted this little NYX bag on Ebay for only £2.54, I knew it was the perfect thing to keep all my Jumbo pencils neat and tidy.

It's actually the perfect size to keep your daily make up in your handbag as well and I'm thinking about getting another. I travel quite a bit back to the UK and with work and haven't found the right thing to store all my make up in yet, but this would be perfect for my hand luggage.

I recently read a blog post about skin care on long haul flights, using masks and creams to help the journey go faster(and stay hydrated of course). What a great idea huh? I don't have any long haul flights booked, but i'm sure i could manage a mini facial on my up coming 3 hour flight to the uk. But I'll do another post of this later.

This NYX bag is available from Ebay priced £2.54(+p&p)

What's your best storage tip?

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