NYX mega shine lip gloss - Crystal Soda

Sunday 22 July 2012

I have a new found love for ebay to get items that I can't easily get delivered or buy in Malta. One of those brands is NYX. I've previously tried their Jumbo eye pencils which i loved, and I was keen to try some of their lip glosses that I hear everyone raving about, so back to ebay I went.

I ordered Crystal Soda from the same seller where i bought my Jumbo eye pencils, but I was upset to find she no longer has ANYTHING in her shop at the moment. But I have found an equally great seller here. And I found Crystal Sode available here for only £3.51! Bargain.

Crystal Soda is a champaign/peach colour which sits almost transparent on the lips, giving then just a hint of colour.

The formula is light and non-sticky and the smell! omg the smell is delicious! 
It smells like candy and bubble gum, if it was edible I would eat it!

This colour is perfect If you want to finish off a look for during the day, when you want something on your lips but nothing too in your face.

As mentioned, you can buy this from Ebay priced £3.51 - here

Have you tried the NYX mega shine glosses? What's your favourite colour?


  1. OOH i've been looking at the lipglosses too, such a bargain and sounds like really good quality! xx

    1. Theres something about NYX that makes me want to own the whole range, especially the eye pencils and lip glosses. I got another one as well that i'll be posting about soon but I def need to order more xx

  2. That's such a lovely lipgloss! Thankyou for following my blog :) x

  3. I recently done a NYX lip product haul if you would like to see it :)
    It includes lipgloss in the shade Sorbet which is fab!


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