Zara Shopper bag dupe

Thursday 14 June 2012

A few weeks ago I posted about some Ebay Dupes I found and I mentioned I'd ordered the Zara Shopper Bag Dupe...well it finally arrived...

For a fraction of the price at only £13.99 (+ £5.99 P&P), I really can't complain.
I ordered this Shopper bag from this seller on ebay - link
and it arrived in Malta within 2 weeks, which I was surprised about as they normally take quite long from Hong Kong.

The bag is good quality and has a separate compartment inside which is detachable. The shoulder strap is also detachable. The inside and lining is nothing to rave about, but who's looking in there?

The seller has some really nice pieces and I'll more than likely be buying from them again as I was so impressed. The bag even came in a dust bag!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Yay the post I've been waiting for haha. the bag looks great! I'll definitely be buying one end of the month I think..have to limit myself to just one though hehe

    1. I'm so happy with it, I really can't grudge for the price. I'll def be looking at their other bags too. xx

  2. I've been looking for one of these on ebay, this one looks great so I might have to get this one :) xxxx

    A Scholar Life

  3. i have been seeing so many people with this bag even Olivia Palermo is rocking this bag (the original one of course) but for more then a fraction of the price i might treat myself to one at the end of the month! thanks for the link will add to my watch list for sure!

    Stefy x

    1. It was such a bargain and sometimes with Ebay you never know what you're really getting. But i'm pleased with this one xx

  4. I actually got one of these off eBay too, but mine was way worse than yours, yours could pass for a good dupe :)

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