Nail Polish/Art Display Stand

Monday 18 June 2012

Unless you're super organised, you probably have a pile of nail polishes in either an old glossybox or stuffed in a drawer somewhere? As much as I'd love to have a wall rack I just don't have the space (plus our place is rented so we can't really put stuff on the walls)

Anyway, I bought this little Nail display stand a while ago from Ebay 

Now I need another one, as this only has space for 32 sticks!

It's not exactly what I had In mind, but it does the trick and I just look at this when I have a colour in mind before I buy a dupe! (I've just bought a small acrylic rack, which I'll do a post on when it arrives)

To be honest, this has to be the best £3.96 I have spent, because I had so much fun sitting watching tv and painting each of these.

I bought this for £2.96(+£1 p&p) from Ebay.

How do you organise your nail polish?

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