Guerlain Parure Extreme - beige clair 02 Review

Tuesday 5 June 2012

I have been looking for my perfect foundation for a long time, I've tried everything from MAC to E.L.F and everything else in between.

I mean how difficult is it to find a matte foundation with a full coverage? Nothing I've tried in the past quite covers everything up.
They say you shouldn't change what you have, but I don't like my freckles! People without them think they are "cute", but i'm in my mid twenties, I don't want to look "cute"! I could go on about this forever but long story short...I don't like my freckle face!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I went shopping and gave in and asked a shop assistant for a recommendation.  She suggested I try this new amazing "Guerlain Parure Extreme", it's matte/waterproof/full coverage and even makes your bed in the morning!

Sounds like a dream right? Until she told me it was 50 Euros!
At this point I was in the awkward position of sounding cheap and asked if she maybe had something a little less expensive (which there wasn't of course!). But I was just deflated, and gave in.

I haven't used anything from the Guerlain brand before, but had heard good things and the colour was a pretty good match.

I've been using this foundation everyday for almost 3 weeks now, and I do actually love it. I'm now glad I bought it.

Formula & coverage
The formula is really light weight yet gives loads of coverage. 1 pump (as above) covers the whole of my freckle face so this bottle will really last a long time.It's not camouflage, but you can barely notice my freckles now. (Also contains SPF 25)

It has a lovely matte finish, leaving me looking healthy and glowing.

After 10 hours in office and lots of face rubbing from excel stress, I don't look as good as I did when I left the house, but not far from it. I'd be happy to go out straight from work with a little blusher touch up!

£35/ 49 is expensive for a foundation in my eyes, but if you're looking for that all singing all dancing, I'd at least recommend trying it out.

So how does it actually look? Well here you go:

Guerlain Parure Liquid Extreme is available online from (Free worldwide delivery)


  1. It looks a nice foundation, but wowzers so expensive! Have you tried Mac Matchmaster? Maybe try getting a sample of it as I think it might be what your looking for x :-)

  2. Sounds good, it's pretty expensive, but if you think about it, it'll probably save you money in the longrun - if you're happy with it then you won't have to keep buying others in your search for the perfect foundation! Impressed that it stays put pretty well, nothing I've ever tried seems to and after a couple of hours I feel like I need to do my whole face all over again!
    I've never tried anything for Guerlain, have you tried any of their other prducts?
    Mel x

  3. Great review ! Really want to try this one now !

    The best one I have tried so far has been my Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting which was 26 pounds.. but not full coverage.. (And I have same freckle issue ! haha :) )

    So how did it leave your skin after using it for 3 weeks ? and do you top with powder?

    x Kim

  4. Hi, I am NW 20 by MAc foundations and would this shade match my skin tone ?