Top Tip: Getting the most from your dry shampoo

Monday 2 June 2014

It’s more than likely that every girl has a can of dry shampoo lying around these days, be whatever brand you prefer. My brand of choice is Batiste. And if you don’t know what dry shampoo is, it’s for girls on the go, for when you’re in a pinch and just don’t have time to wash your hair or need a little touch up.

I try not to rely on dry shampoo, but there are days when I’m just way too tired and this little god send allows me an extra hours sleep. The basic instructions are to spray it on your roots, brush through and and grease will be absorbed. But today I’m going to share a little tip with you, which will  make those days a little easier.

When I know I shouldn’t be so lazy, but have already committed to using dry shampoo. The night before - I tie my hair up in a top knot/bun (which ever you prefer) and spray plenty of dry shampoo over my hair, and since it’s up, most of it gets to the root anyway. At this point, I look like I’ve aged 40 years with my grey hair, but if you’re alone or have an understanding boyfriend/husband/partner - you go to sleep with your granny hair. Voila - in the morning, fresh clean, non greasy hair.

I find using dry shampoo the night before and leaving it in over night, is 10 times more effective than using in the morning while doing my hair.

So next time, when you want an extra hour sleep, so pop this on before going to bed and you’ll be good to go in the morning.

For those of you in Malta, Batiste is now available from the follow outlets - click here

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  2. What a handy tip! I use dry shampoos regularly and will have to give this a go! :)


  3. This is a good tip. I always apply it in the morning, and leave the house not realising i still have white patches! Definitely trying this out :D xx

  4. Great tip, I never thought to apply it the night before! I always do it that morning and chances are, I'm in too much of a rush to realize that I still have that grey cast left behind! xx

    Daphne | subgenre of a dream | bloglovin

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