Bioderma Review

Thursday 17 May 2012

After reading all the hype about Bioderma, I couldn't resist trying it out for myself. "Water" cleaners seem to quickly becoming popular so I decided to test drive it.

Bioderma comes in two type - For Sensitive Skin (pink) and for  Combination or Oily Skin(green). As you can see I bought the Sensitive version, not that I have sensitive skin, but I only learned abut the other type after I bought this.

What it says it does - "Cleanses, removes make-up and soothes".
True to its word, this stuff removes make-up like nobodies business! It is also really gentle, it doesn't have the chemical feel to it, its also fragrance free.

I just squirt some of this on a cotton pad in the evening before bed and i'm make-up free(even waterproof mascara). Previously i'd been using a cleaner and a special eye make up remover, but I now no longer need to.

Bioderma comes in 3 sizes: 100ml / 250ml/ 500ml

Prices range from £5-15

I bought the 250ml from Ebay here
At the time it was a few euros/pounds cheaper. The sellers are obviously catching on to how popular it is (shame on you!)

You can also purchase the 100ml here
Or 500ml here

Would I buy it again? YES
Is it worth the money? 100%

If you have sensitive skin, but looking for something that really takes your make-up off, I would highly recommend trying Bioderma. Or even if you're looking for a new cleaner, this is worth a try.

Have you tried Bioderma?


  1. Heard so much about this, think i may give it a go :)

    1. It really is worth trying for yourself. I love it! xx

  2. Great review! I really want to try this! x

    1. Thanks :) You should try it, it is as good as they say xx

  3. great review! You're continuing to tempt me into getting this! haha heard so much about it that i can't wait any longer :) thanks x

    1. Thanks :) You should, I won't be going back to cream cleansers after this! xx

  4. I gave into the hype with this product. Love this for just taking my make up off with! xx