NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. Yogurt & Iced Mocha

Saturday 5 May 2012

These were my first purchase from NYX. I got the NYX Jumbo eye pencils in shades Yogurt and Iced Mocha.

Yogurt is a nude/peachy colour with a pearl finish.
Iced Mocha is Grey/Brown colour with a pearl finish.

For an everyday look, I put Yogurt all over my lid, and Iced Mocha in the outer corners and blended it in. 

Iced Mocha is particularly quite sheer, so you'll need a few coats to build up a rich colour, but I used only a little just to give a little depth.

Jumbo Eye Pencils are priced at £4.50 and available from 

Or from ebay priced £2.17 each (This is a absolute bargain)
 Click here

I'm looking forward to buying more pencils, however I was a little disappointed at the £4.50 uk shipping cost from Nyxcosmeticsstore. To buy just 2 products - £9 total, I had to pay £4.50 shipping, which in my eyes is too much. I really wanted to try these, but that cost is off putting.
 There is free shipping on orders of £50, but not everyone wants to spend that much. Next time I'll be using ebay.


  1. Cute! I still haven't tried NYX yet!

    1. Thanks :) They are def worth buying, they glide on so easy! xx

  2. The Jumbo Eye pencils are ace! You should try Milk which is an opaque white and it is an excellent eyeshadow base to make colours pop! Try searching for it on ebay :)

    1. I had my eye on the Milk one as well, I think that will be my next purchase :) Thanks xx

  3. I absolutely love this eye look- so perfect for work! I like to wear a little colour but something subtle and natural and I actually hate eyeshadow because I ALWAYS end up with more on my cheeks! Shame about the delivery- for a few small pencils 4.50 is a lot! xx

  4. Yeh it's great for work. Still a little bit of colour but not too much. They staying power is great as well. Thanks again for the link. I get jealous when I see the american girls make up collections with the whole set, but at that price..why not! xx

  5. Great post!!

    Take care :)

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