Elf mystery box

Sunday 4 December 2011

As it's gets closer and closer to Christmas the purse strings are tightening but there's just some things we can't do without.

Last month Elf cosmetics has a deal on, spend £10 and receive a mystery box worth a minimum of £10. I needed some new foundation anyway so I was in luck.

I ordered my usual foundation and a new blusher to bring it up to the min £10 spend to qualify for the offer:

The blush, is called "Blushing Rose" and I wanted to try something a little darker for the colder months. Really liking this colour at the moment, I've been wearing it non-stop since I got itt:

So that's what I bought, and here is what I received in the Mystery box: 

Beauty Book - Smokey eye edition : £6
Smudge Brush : £1.50
Cream eyeliner - metallic Olive : £3.50
Value : £10

For only spending £10, I couldn't really complain for receiving 3 free gifts. The beauty book wasn't something I would of picked myself but there are some nice colours in there that i'll definitely use: 

The cream eyeliner isn't something I would of picked either, but sometimes I prefer it that way, as I get to try thing I wouldn't normally. The colour is a dark brown, so I'm going to try it over winter instead of my usual black.

Like the rest of the beauty world, Elf is quickly becoming one of my favourite cosmetic brands, with their great products, amazing price and unbeatable offers...what isn't there to love?

Do you give colours/products a chance if you didn't pick them yourself?

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