Nails Inc Couture

Monday 5 December 2011

Today Nails Inc have launched a very exciting new feature called "Couture". 

 It lets you customise your gift from the cap to the colour, and even the lable on the bottom. Personally I'm in love already with this idea and will defininatly be ordering some up for my friends for Christmas. It cost's £20, a little more than usual by in my opinion it's totally worth it for the unique touch it gives.

You start by choosing your cap in a simple drag and drop feature: 
Next you choose one of 80 different colours!
Then you customise the message on the bottom. I chose to put a name and "merry xmas":
Then lastly you chose two cute stickers for the box, they have all the standard greetings I love you/Merry Chrismas/ Happy Birthday etc:

Then volia! your done within minutes, and he're the finish product:

What's your thoughts? Do you love this as much as me?
Create yours today at :

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