The Body Shop Moringa Body Milk

Wednesday 4 September 2013

In my last few posts I talked about my rekindled love of The Body Shop products, and it hasn't stopped. Last time I was in store just having a browse and of course I saw something I "had" to have and completely justified it to myself.

In the past when it's come to body lotions I've been quite lazy. My hands get messy, it takes ages to dry and that's why I have a stash of perfume scented body lotions sitting at the back of my cupboard that has came in Christmas gift sets. 

So while browsing I came across this body milk spray...and thought "Oh a spray...that would make my life easier!" so in my basket it went. The last few months I've been good and going to the gyms in the mornings before work so I've been taking this with me to use after my shower. Time is of the essence for me in the's a constant struggle of getting enough sleep, yet having enough time for my works and swim AND making into work on time. If one doesn't happen I'm totally thrown off for most of the day! 

Anyway, The Body Shop Body Milk is really easy to use,  just a quick few squirts all over then rub it in and I'm ready to go. The formula is non-greasy, light and soaks beautifully into the skin not to mention that it smells amazing. I'm literally done head to toe in that's my kind of morning product!

If you're look for a light body moisturiser that's quick and easy to use I would recommend you try the Body Milk. It is also available in coconut, but living in a tourist area I chose not to smell like a tourist(!)


  1. I actually really like The Body Shop, yet I always forget them. This sounds divine though, especially if I can get it in coconut - best smell ever!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

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