NYX Eye and Lip makeup remover review

Monday 9 September 2013

A few weeks ago, just before the NYX store opened, my usual Chanel Eye makeup remover ran out so on the opening day I thought I would try the NYX version. I hadn't heard anything about it before, it was just an impulse buy. I needed it - they had it!

I wouldn't say I have sensitive skin, but some eye make up removers just sting and almost blind me! So when I found the Chanel one, it was gentle but did a great job and I repurchased it, but 27 Euros is a lot for an eye makeup remover!

Anyway back to NYX..... I'm so impressed with this product! I love it. I have to say it is just as good as Chanel for me. It's very light and gentle, and in no way oily or greasy and does and amazing job of removing my eye make up.

When I picked it up, there wasn't a price and when I checked my receipt I saw it was 12 Euros...I thought "Wow that's quite a lot for an 80ml bottle"...and hoping it would be "ok". But now I'm actually be using the product daily, I will definitely be repurchasing this again. It really is worth the price, and you only need a little bit. One cotton pad will happily do both my eyes and this bottle will last me months.

If you are looking for a gentle but good eye make up remover that is worth its money, I would recommend purchasing this.

Have you tried this? What did you think?


  1. Some of NYX products are so good, I haven't tried this yet but I will have to now. I needed a new eye makeup remover!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. This sounds great!!! I recently got a Sephora one...


  3. I have never seen this product around here, but I will definately look for it now!


  4. Could you use an eye makeup remover like this to remove foundation as well? x


  5. Oh now this sounds quite nice :) I'm generally wary of bi-phase eye make up removers as I'm yet to find one I really like; I'm always up for trying new things though.

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  6. I'm dying to try NYX stuff!

    New follower