Shavata Tweezers - Totally Tropical Collection

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Everyone has their "thing", that one thing they obsess about and mine is eyebrows, as I've mentioned before. I've tweezed, threaded, waxed, and even HD brow'd them. I am on a quest for the worlds most perfect eyebrows, but alas they not perfect but they're getting there. 

When the lovely people at contacted me and asked if i'd like to try out some Shavanta tweezers, I couldn't say yes quick enough. For those who don't know, Shavanta is the brow guru. This woman can perform a mini face lift in 15 minutes with just some tweezers and wax.

While personally I like to go the salon to have my eyebrows waxed once a month or so, I still need mini top-ups throughout the month and I do this by using tweezers, now my new Shavata Tweezers!

While I need the beautician to give me a starting shape, I maintain my brows using tweezers to get rid of the nasty stray hairs that just seems to pop up over night (seriously, where do they come from?).

Shavata have just launched their Totally Tropical Tweezer collection which comes in 6 amazing designs: - Neon, Sunglasses, Swimsuit, Bikini, Flip Flip, Kiki Cocktail and cupcakes and Cherry Glitter.

The newly design Slanted tweezers provide a wider grip area and are especially good at removing hair in bulk with great accuracy. Each pair of tweezers is made with a stainless steel base, to help you"tweeze in a breeze".

So if your in the market for some new tweezers, or need something to brighten up your make up bag - Shavata tweezers are a great addition.

Shavata Totally Tropical Collection is available from (here)
Prices start from £9.95*

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  1. They are possibly the cutest tweezers I've ever seen!!!