My Nail Polish Rack

Saturday 18 August 2012

It seems like forever that I've been searching for a cheap but nice nail polish storage solution, so I was really happy when I found this affordable one on for under £10 (£9.90). All the others i've found were £25+ and I wasn't prepared to pay that for something so simple!

It's clear acrylic stand with 3 tiers, and holds around 30 nail polish bottles depending on the bottle shape and size, as you can see I have a mixture in mine and it holds 29.

I now have this sitting on my dressing table so I can see what colour I want to choose. I actually have more nail polishes so I'll need to buy another one, but for now I have my favourite colours on show.

Available from Amazon priced £9.90
(shipping to the uk only)

How do you store your nail polish?


  1. Thank you for sharing this I've been looking for a nail polish rack for ages and like you said they are all really expensive but this is perfect.

    1. You're welcome hun, it's better than some i've seen so far at a fraction of the price as well. xx

  2. love it! I don't have any space for one though :( I keep mine in an old yankee candle jar covered in glitter! from this post here


  3. Too bad they only ship to the UK :(

  4. Great idea! Shame I don't have space for it =(

    Radha xoxo