No7 Foundation Match Made Service

Saturday 8 September 2012

The last two weeks I was back in the UK for my best friends wedding and before I went I made sure I had my "to buy" list of all the products we can't get in Malta.

One of the things I'd heard about before I left was the No7 Foundation Match service, and I was keen to try it. For those who haven't heard about it, No7 have just re-launched their make up collection, including loads of new foundations and colours. They also teamed up with Pantone to make this great little gadget that tells you your exact skin colour so you can buy the perfect shade.

So I went into Boots and asked to try it out. First thing that happened was I was given a seat and the assistant removed my make up that I had on along my jaw line on both sides of my face, then she brought out this little gadget that looks like this:

They hold up to the clean area of the skin and the little device then takes a series of photographs in a matter or seconds, then it's repeated again on the other side of your face (It's 100% pain free) and voila you're done. I was told I was shade "Cool Ivory".

I was looking for a matte, full coverage foundation and choose the Beautifully Matte foundation. The sales assistant tested it on my skin and we both agreed it was a good match. She then touched me up so I wasn't going around without half my foundation on!

So one I got this baby home and tired it out, I have to say it's a very close match to my skin tone. Unfortunately I don't like being that pale so I like to touch it up with a little bronzer.

As for the coverage, it's good but not as good as the Estee Lauder Double wear, but it's fine for day-to-day wear to the office, but i'd switch the the Estee Lauder for bigger events or night time as I prefer a full coverage to hide my freckles.

Have you tired to Foundation Match Service yet?

Price £13.50 - Available at Boots Stores.


  1. Cool gadget! Where can I find something similar? :)

    1. I think it's the first of it's kind. Just now it's only available in Boots in the UK. The next best thing is to get a sales assistant to colour match you in the shop. xx

  2. I saw a commercial for this the other day...wondered how well it actually worked. Very cool!

  3. I've seen the adverts but haven't had a chance to try it for myself. I love No7 products, they are great for my sensitive skin.

    Radha xoxo