The women in me Event

Saturday 10 March 2012

To celebrate International Womens day, I headed over to the Meridien Hotel in St.Julians on Thursday evening for "The Women In Me" Event.

There were loads of stalls set up selling everything from diet aids to nail polish. Heaven! Not to mention there were plenty of talks to attend as well including; eating well, jewellery in fashion and everyday makeup. It was hard not to walk away empty handed and I even had time to sit down and watch some live draping by Jesmond.

My two favourite stands had to be the NSI nail stand and the Cruelty Free Malta stand. I picked up some gluten free cookies (delicious) from the Cruelty free stand, which also had a massive range of cosmetics and beauty product. I also got some Spa Ritual polish in "Quiet Storm" a nice candy lilac colour, although I did want to buy every colour they had..and everything else on their stand. (Also vegan and cruelty free)

From the other stands I picked up some samples to take away with me:

Top Row:
Alkagin - These a femmanin hygiene products. There is gel, cleanser and talk samples here however they also offer wipes.
FreeVEN - This is a gel designed for spider veins & varicose veins. However it's a cooling minty gel that also soothes tired and heavy legs. I'm excited to try this one out.
Palmers: Skin therapy oil, firming lotion, firming butter, and olive butter. Palmers is a brand I've seen many of times although i've never tried their products so i'm look forward to trying these out.
Everyday: A sanitary towel sample

Bottom row:
1) This is a small purse from Morgan, I got this in my goodie bag as I walked in the door :)
Bio 3: Weight Control tea, Diet solution, Energy soloution, antiox + solution, fiber with fruits and menopause solution (won't be needing that just yet)
Pom Pon: Eyes and face wipes.

So it's going to be busy few weeks for me testing out all these products. If your interested in hearing more about any of them just let me know.

Overall I had a great time at the event, and I hope there will be another one soon because I got to find out  about a lot of products I didn't know existed in Malta and can't wait to buy more things. Well done to the girl at The women in me for organising it.

Did you attend?


  1. I don't remember you introducing yourself :P
    I hope to see you soon and Thank You for your support :)

    1. I was going too. But I was too shy. Great stand girls, will be logging onto the website for some more products soon. The cookies are all gone :) x

    2. Don't worry I am shy too... you should have seen me when the President's wife was visiting the stand, I was so excited that I ran out of words to say to describe our activity :S

  2. No, I did not but swatches on the nail polish would be nice :)

    1. Hi Lara, I'll do some swatches over the next few days for you. Can't wait to try it out myself :) xx