Introducing StylistPick VIP

Sunday 25 March 2012

Personally I'm a fan of, (see previous post) especially since they've started shipping internationally (yay), but I received an e-mail from them a few days ago to tell me I'm now a VIP. As you can imagine I was intrigued...

Basically now when you sign up you have two options. PAYG or VIP.

Pay as you go doesn't tie you into any monthly subscription as before, and it costs £3.50 for shipping (£5 international). + 25% off your first order.

Now the VIP subscription, in theory you're "tied" into a monthly subscription..BUT if you "skip this month" in your account section between the 1st and the 5th of the don't get charged. So similar to the PAYG just need to skip the month if you're low on cash or you don't like anything. But here's the best part. With the VIP subscription you also get:

  • 25% off your first order
  • Free next day UK delivery
  • Free gift with every order
  • Invites to VIP events
  • Every 5th item FREE!

How amazing is that!! I've not ordered anything for a few months...recovering from Christmas and birthdays etc, but I will be ordering something at the end of the month. I can't say no to Free shoes and a free gift, especially now since they ship to Malta!

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  1. Oh I've not heard of this site before- I have to check this out!

  2. I signed up but I dont really understand how it all works! Some lovely pieces though :) xx

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    1. Yeh it's kinda like glossybox...a monthly subscription but you get to skip the month (not pay) if you don't like anything that month. I love how everything comes beautifully presented and now with this new VIP program..everyt 5th pair free!! I couldn't resist xx