Glossybox has teamed up with Harrods

Thursday 1 March 2012

Whether you're in the UK or not, I'm sure you've heard about Glossybox, well I've just read that the March edition they will be teaming up with Harrods!

I am so intrigued to see what's in this box. I've been a loyal subscriber for over 6 months (I either have the boxes posted to Malta from family or pick them up when I'm back), and I've yet to be disappointed. I've heard people complain they didn't like some of their boxes, but there has never been a box under the value of £10..which is the price. But you can't please everyone.

Anyway, just thought i'd let you know. I for one am very excited about this box. I've even ordered one to be sent to my mum as part of Mothers Day. I think it's something she'll enjoy....and I am desperate to see what's in it.

Order yours today :  (£10 + £2.95 p&p)

P.s Not to spoil the surprise, but I've heard rumours of products such as YSL and Molton Brown to name a few...


  1. Oh, so jealous of those who are in the UK atm to get this! I signed up for the brazilian one but I feel that every month all I get is FPS...


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