Outfit finder Friday

Friday 25 November 2011

Hi, I hope you're all have a great week and thank Prada it's Friday! (ok i've been watching too much ugly betty). Yesterday I saw this amazing picture of Nicola from Girls aloud:

I searched high an low for a similar outfit, so if you're after Nicola's look here's my suggestions: (unfortunately her legs aren't available so I'll need to keep going to the gym!)
Topshop : £36

I couldn't find Nicola's exact jumper, but I quite like this one.

If you know where her's is from please let me know.

New Look : £19.99

As much as I love the whole outfit, I'm not a massive fan of stone wash denim, I prefer mine a littler darker - so I found these from New Look.

Tights :

These tights as the exact same ones as Nicola is wearing. 

Sometimes I see things and don't like them until I see someone else wearing it, and these tights are ones of them I'm dying to get my hands on them now.

Shoe boots:

Now i'm not 100% sure if these are the exact pair she has, if they aren't, they are a pretty close match.

These boots are a good investment and will go with most things as well. Good choice Nicola.

What do you think? Do you love the outfit too?


  1. I love the outfit but I'd freeze if I wore it...Currently it's 8 Celcius outside and I'm freezing!

  2. I want those boots ! ADORE the dark sandy beige colour !