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Saturday 19 November 2011

I thought i'd do a little bit of a different post today. "Hi, my name is Elle and I'm a shoe-a-holic."

I love shoes, all kind of shoes, but my soft spot is a perfectly made pair of high heels, the higher the better! Which is a little bit strange, because day to day I normally wear pumps - I find it faster to get round, and if you're in Malta you'll know these streets are made for walking in heels.

Every girl dreams of owning a pair of designer shoes, and it doesn't always have to cost hundreds and thousands of pounds.

In malta, I wear flip flops about 9 months of the year and two years ago I thought "If i'm going to wear something for 75% of the year almost everyday why no invest in a little bit luxury?". This is when I discovered the Jimmy Choo flip flops, or Choo flops as I call them.

I'd like to introduce you to the "Maui jelly sandals": 

These jelly sandals are very comfortable. I could walk all day in them. My favourite part is they release a different colour every year. These have been on the top of my Xmas list for the last 3 years, and I currently own a white pair, a brown/gold pair and these ones are on my list this year.

They come in their own little plastic zip Jimmy Choo bag to keep them good when you're not wearing them or if your traveling as well. For me they go with almost anything, and it gives you that feeling of a little luxury in your day to day.

When people think of designer shoes, they think high heels. But let me tell you, I'm lucky enough to own designer high heels and I must only wear them a hand full of times a year, but these flip flops I wear most days (during the summer). So why spend all that hundreds of pounds to wear something 4 times a year, when you can spend £95 and where them everyday.

That's right, these cost £95/€125. Not really breaking the bank considering it's the same we'd pay for some topshop shoes.

So if your looking for a little luxury next summer, be sure to stick these on your Christmas list this year. You can send the boyfriend/parents/siblings/friends whoever this link : they have the function to "share" your desired shoes with whoever your hinting at, and will send them an e-mail from you saying "Look what i've found". Brilliant :)

What do you think:
Do you like them? Is it something you'd invest in?

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