My Brow Routine

Sunday 6 November 2011

We all have our obsessions and mine are my eyebrows. A few years ago I was looking at photos from a night out and I kept looking at myself and thinking "something isn't quite right" and I realised it was my eyebrows, they were out of shape and pale looking.  So I grew out what was there and let the professionals take over to give me some shape I could work with.

I thought it would share my brow routine with you:

HD Brow Pallet, Benefit High beam, Elf eyebrow lifter & filler

Step 1 : Start off with your usual concealer and foundation

Step 2: Using a slanted brush, define the lower shape and arch of your brow using the HD brow pallet

Step 3: Repeat with the thicker part of your brow

Step 4: Fill in missing gaps

Step 5: To cover up and stray hairs and for a perfect shape, out line your brow with a concealer, I use Elf "lifting" pencil

Step 6: Blend concealer and set with power, for extra "oomph" with dark hair, I then apply some brow pencil for extra colour

Finnished look:

Add eye make up as desired, I've went for a dark smokey Autumn look for this time of year

Do you go Au Natural or do you tame your brows?

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