UK Mini Haul - Part 1

Monday 19 September 2011

Hi All,

That's me arrived safely back in the UK and I was greeted by a nice pile of packages when I arrived home. Today I've been watching daytime tv, and had Tesco deliver some shopping. It's been nice, these are the days I missed when I'm in Malta.

Thought I'd quickly share some of the items I pre-ordered, but I'll be going into the City during the week so there will be more shopping. I'm back normally 2-4 times a year, so I normally save up for a splurge when I'm back.Enjoy...

You will have heard me already talk about StylistPick, and I finally got my shoes. They arrived boxed up, and came in a "posh" bag, and were beautifully presented.

The best part was that they even gave you a sticker of your shoe to put on your box, so you can identify what's inside. It thought this was a great little touch and would love to do this with all my shoes!

Find your style profile at Stylist pick (link)
Now shipping to Malta


I took advantage of the 50% off at Elf (twice), and here what I got. Swatchs to follow soon.

Nails Inc

A month or so ago, Nails Inc ran a Lucky Dip for £15 for 5 Nail Polishes, and I also joined their membership program for £5. For that you get 1 free Nail Polish when joining then an additional 10% off further purchases and a Birthday gift. My birthday isn't till next year so I'm not sure what the gift is yet.

I bought few pieces from blog owners and Asos.


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