What's in my box? #tag

Thursday 8 September 2011

I've seen a lot of bloggers and vloggers doing "what's in my makeup bag?" style posts, and today i thought I'd share mine...

I don't actually have a "bag", it started over flowing, so last year the bf bought me a train case for Christmas so i could keep all my things neat and tidy.

So here's my box...

And this is what I keep in it..
There is a lot of "stuff" there, and to be honest this isn't ALL my makeup...I put some in another box becuase at the time i figured "i didn't use it as much", but I now just keep buying more and putting it here. 

I didn't realise there was actually so much of it until I laid it all out Oops..

What's in your bag/box? 



  1. in my box: too many eyeshadows and lipsticks :)

  2. I have more lipsticks somewhere, I keep finding them when I change handbags :)

  3. I agree with fiona! I have way to many lipsticks !! i dont think it would all fit in one photo the amount of makeup i own especially when i have my personal kit and my professional kit!

    Stefy x

  4. I'm so jealous! I love your box and all your goodies. I have always been a very low-amount-of-make-up kinda gal, but I've discovered lately how awesome it is, so my stash is growing. It makes me happy.