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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

On Sunday evening before going back to work, I treated myself to a girlie pampering session full of goodies from Uriage. As the sun set for the day, I ran myself a deep hot bath adding some bubbles to top it off. Choosing a youtube playlist and lighting some scented candles I settled into my hot bath with a good book.

After relaxing for a bit I treated myself to an all exfoliation using Uriage Gommage Integral *- a gentle exfoliating scrub that can be used all over - even on the face and it’s perfect for sensitive skin. The scrub comes in a blue gel with tiny exfoliating beads that left my skin feeling fresh and polished. What I love about this scrub is the scent, it’s very Spa like and relaxing but fresh at the same time.

After washing my hair and applying a deep condition treatment I settle back, relax for a bit and continued reading my book. At this point I wish Monday wouldn’t come - don’t we all?

After rinsing my hair and before getting out the bath, I finished off with some soap free - Creme Lavante* nourishing body wash (also suitable for sensitive skin). This product also has a nice clean and fresh smell and left my skin feeling soft.

After drying off, I applied some Suppleance Corps* - a moisturising and nourishing, creamy body milk and let it soak into my skin before slipping into some comfortable pyjamas. The body lotion has a similar scent to the body wash and I was smelling pretty clean spa like and my skin was well hydrated and soft.

While settling down to binge watch Orange is the new Black (I’m a little behind on my TV shows at the moment!) with a big bowl of low-fat popcorn and some herbal tea, I couldn’t forgot my night time skin care and applied my favourite Aqua Precis* intense nutrition balm (Baume nutrition intense), which is a super hydrating day/night cream. It’s perfect if your skin needs a little pick me up, or you can use it daily if you have dry skin. I also use it during the summer on sunburn as it really puts back the hydration you lose when it burns, i find it soothing on the skin too.

I then finished the evening off with a little mani-pedi, feeling relaxed, refreshed and smelling amazing...almost ready to take on the week ahead. I think it’s important whether your single or a mother of 4 to have some pampering time, just an hour or so to catch up on yourself at least once a month. You don’t need to go to spa, you can create your own little spa at home like I did.

Uriage products are available from phamaries around Malta.
For more information on the products you can visit the Uriage website

Uriage Gommage Intergal (Body Scrub) - €12.50
Creme Lavante (Body Wash) - 200ml €7.25/500ml €14.25
Suppleance Crops (Body Milk) 200ml €8.10/500ml €15.60
Aqua Percis Balm (face cream - day/night) - €18.90


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  1. Uriage products are so lovely, such a shame they are extremely hard to get hold of. This is defintely one of the best pharmacy brands in my opinion