La Roche Posay Ultra-Fine face scrub

Saturday 17 August 2013

Sometimes living in Malta has it advantages (behinds the obvious hot weather) and that is I find amazing skin care products that are often difficult to get in the UK in a small pharmacy 20 meters from my apartment! Unfortunately in Malta we don't have a shop similar to Boots in the UK we you have to visit to independent pharmacies for most beauty products and some of them a treasure trove of French and American brands....I don't know why but i'm not complaining!

Anyway so while I waiting in line I spotted a shelf of La Roche Posay and my eyes lit up! This is my first purchase from the brand and I need a new face scrub and well the rest is history, but i'll call it fate!

La Roche Posay Ultra fine scrub, is in fact just that - an ultra fine scrub for the face. The first thing I noticed is it smells amazing but no over powering, the scrub is also so gentle you can use it every day.

I've been using this for a few weeks now and it does a great job at keeping my skin smooth, I also like to use a slightly harsher scrub once a week but I like to use this one daily.

As I mentioned before I picked this up from my local pharmacy for around 9 but if your in the UK you can purchase it online from Boots for £9.70.

I'm keen to try more products from La Roche Posay, so let me know what's your favourite or what you like to see reviewed.


  1. After using and loving the Effaclar duo Im so interested in more La Roche Posay! This looks great! X

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  3. Been loving La Roche Posay products but have yet to try this, sounds great for a daily scrub

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  4. oh wish i could find this.. lovely post btw :)

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  5. Amazing post!!

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