Chanel Illusion D'ombre - Emerveille

Thursday 15 August 2013

Illusion D'Ombre in shade Emerveille is a illuminating mouse eyeshadow. I saw this when it first came out, and when I had my first set of visitors over from the UK I asked them to pick it up for me. There is a few shades in this range, and I have my eyes on some others but I thought I would start with something I could where everyday.

Like all Chanel packing, it's high end and sturdy. The jar is made of glass and you even get a small applicator as well.

On the website, the shade looks like a baby pink but in real life it's more of a beige/bronze colour with a shimmer finish. Very neutral and suitable for during the day.

The pigmentation is good and it gives you a good even colour without being flaky or chalky.

Overall I really like this eyeshadow, the mouse formula is something different and they have really nice colours in the range. It is expensive for a single eyeshadow, but if you feel like treating yourself to a high-end everyday eyeshadow I would recommend Emerville.

Have you trid the Illusion D'omber range? What do you think?


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    1. It really is, I can't wait to try more colours! xx

  2. hey babe! just want to let you know i nominated you for a liebster award because I just love your blog! check out my blog post on it to see what that means for you!
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    1. Awww thank you sweetie that was very kind of you :) xx

  3. This is a really gorgeous product!!!!
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  4. This looks like a really pretty product <3 I bet it is expensive though. I am yet to buy my first item from Chanel still. Thanks for this!
    Love from Jasmine @

    1. Yeh it was, but I really do like the Chanel products. They can be worth it if you feel like a splurge :) xx

  5. This looks so gorgeous. I've been on a high end splurge lately but i haven't tried anything form Chanel yet, but now i really want to! These look so brilliant and i don't have anything like this so next time i'm treating myself i will definitely have a look at these!
    Sam X

    1. I really like Chanel products, they are normally my splurge or choice :) xx

  6. i love chanel beauty products but unfortunately i haven't gotten a grab of these yet! i'm just not sure which one to purchase.

    please come and follow my blog. it would mean a lot to me, really... i'd be so happy x <3