Sephora Haul

Sunday 18 November 2012

Last month some friends of mine were lucky enough to go to Flordia for a few weeks, and when they texted me asking if I wanted anything, I couldn't really say no. So I was straight onto the Sephora website to see what goodies I could. There was already a few items I had in mind that I'd seen US bloggers buy, but with an opportunity to get more I couldn't resist. Here's what I got:

Chloe rollerball perfume
$25.00 - I'd seen something similar on a US sephora haul and wanted one for me handbag

Instant depuffing eye mask
$6.00 - This was a last minute thing I put of my list to try

Phyto 7 : 
$26.00 - I'd seen quite a few bloggers using this, so thought I would give it a try too.

Sephora Lip glosses
$10.00 each - I've not tried these before so I thought i'd give them a go.

MUFE : Smokey Lash
$23.00 - another blogger favourite I couldn't give up the chance to try out

Origins Clear Improvement Clay Mask (not pictured)
$23.00 - forgot to put this in the picture. I've already tried a few origins products and I love them and since I can't get Origins in Malta I got some as a treat.

I was actually surprised my friends managed to get everything I asked for, I really didn't expect that. All in the correct shades too. I couldn't of done a better job myself. I'm currently in the middle of trying all these products out, so I'll be posting reviews shortly.

Whats your must have product from the US?

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  1. I'm so jealous!! For a second I was about to ask where the heck you ordered Sephora from hehe. Every month back in Canada my friend and I would hit up Sephora- a lot of money was always spent lol. That store is a huge weakness of mine, absolutely love it. Probably a good thing there isn't one here or that they ship internationally hehe But sad that there isn't one in Scotland either :(