Wet 'n' Wild Lipstick - Review

Sunday 8 January 2012

I was lucky enough to meet a new friend in Malta who is from Canada and travels back once a month, and when he asked "Would you like anything brought back?".....well let's say he didn't have to ask me twice!

Reading a lot of US blogs, I was keen to try some Wet 'n' Wild products, although I wasn't sure what to get, I just sent a big list of random products/colours and hoped for the best. I obviously didn't get everything I asked for, I didn't expect I would, but I did get some bits. So far I have only tried these lipsticks - 

Colours - C910D / 918D

I love the red colour, in fact I'm loving all red lipsticks at the moment. But I'm not too keen on the darker shade. I imaged it a lot nicer than it its, but I guess that is the risk you take when you pick shades online.

As you can see the colours are well pigmented, yet they don't stain your lips like some lipsticks.

The only thing I don't like about Wet 'n' Wild lipsticks is that they are rounded, personally I prefer a lipstick with a pointed tip, so I can just stick it in my clutch on a night out and not worry about taking a brush with me. But other than that, I love the lipstick it's self. The packaging isn't anything fancy, but it's a drug store brand, I didn't expect it to look like a MAC lipstick.

Price: $3/$4 (€2.70) (5/5)
Packaging: 3/5
Colour: 4/5
Results : 4/5
Would I buy again : Yes

Overall rating :
For the price, I probably would of bought one in every shade if I was there, but there is always next time. The only down side like I said is the rounded tip, but it's not enough to put me off.

What you tried Wet 'n' Wild? What do you think?


  1. Good job! Keep it up! You're good at this :o

  2. Thanks very much. That's very sweet of you :) xx

  3. The deep berry color looks gorgeous!Too bad it's going to be spring soon, it would have made a great winter lip.